The Best 64+ Bay Window Blind Ideas in 2021

Your bay window is probably one of the main points of attention in your house. For obvious reasons, this area of your house allows sun rays to enter your space with warm energy. Now that you have your bay window, you might be wondering how to style and beautify it. If you are in this situation, continue reading the content of this article to get bay window blind ideas for your home. 

Several ideas will surely resonate with you for your window blinds. Some of these ideas are simple, while others can prove to be a bit complicated to pull off. Depending on which of the ideas you connect most with, there is always an idea for your bay window blind. Christmas

Should You Use Curtains or Blinds for Bay Windows?

Bay windows pair up with either curtain or blinds depending on what you want to achieve. For bay windows, curtains are useful for filling out the room and providing some level of complimentary decorations. They are instrumental in beautifying your bay windows with a colourful addition to your space.

However, you might want to consider choosing blinds for your bay window for its different benefits. Window blinds provide the ability to keep your privacy and filter the amount of light entering your space. Noteworthy, bay windows are huge and allow beams of light to enter your space. If you want to control the amount of light filtering through at any time of the day, window blinds are the best option for you. 

Bedroom Windows with Venetian Blinds

Because of the large bay windows, there is a rush of light rays making your bedroom brighter. You can use Venetian blinds on bay windows to control how light enter your bedroom space. 

Use Matching Bench Colour

Bay windows and the benches that compliment them go together to beautify your bay window area. Use the colour of the blinds to find a matching bench that makes your bay window area more attractive. 

Wooden Venetian Blinds with Cane Chairs

Your wooden Venetian blinds will draw attention to both itself and your cane chairs. If you wish to draw attention to your bay windows, we recommend you use this combination of cane chairs and Venetian blinds on and around your bay windows.

Contemporary Design with Blind Tapes

Contemporary designs on your bay windows are possible with blind tapes. Blinds with tapes can help you include personal designs on your window. 

Stylish Roman Bay Window Blinds

Roman blinds are the best choice for creating a stylish and luxurious window view. You can work with curtains when using roman blinds to maintain privacy in your space and prevent heat loss. 

Pleated Blinds to Accommodate Awkward Shaped Bay Windows

Pleated blinds are great for spaces that have awkward shapes. They stand out for their insulating feature and keep your space at the right temperature at all times.

Complementing Grey Sofa with Wooden Blinds

Your living space can feature grey sofas that complement your wooden blinds. Hardwood flooring with bay windows puts the spotlight on these elements in your home.

Faux Wooden Blinds for Kitchen Area

A kitchen square table with hanging light with surrounding wooden window blind adds personality to your kitchen. Faux wooden blinds are multi-functional to provide the personalization you need for your kitchen area.

Make your Dining Area the Focus

Your window blinds can help you make your dining room the focus by controlling the lighting in this area. A grey wall and window blinds can help you achieve this easily.

Vertical Window Blinds for your Sitting Area

Boast your modish sofa and its stylish sides with your vertical blinds over your bay window. You can also add a centre table to this mix. Complement the living room area with a glamorous chandelier hanging from the ceiling to control the lightning entering your living room. 

Add Matching Reading Nook

Bay window blinds with matching reading nooks are ideal for the bedroom area. You can take advantage of the extra space in your bedroom and fill it with a complementary reading nook.

Introduce Plants for Natural Effect

Pleated blinds and other blind types with tapes go well with plants in the room. You can use the same design and colour as your plant to make your space have that natural effect.

Sofa Bench for Homely Touch

Sitting beside the bay window is a great way to unwind and soak in the natural light flooding in through your bay window. Use your blinds to control the light intensity entering your space. The sofa bench choice colour matters. Select a colour that is in line with the design theme of your room.

Ottoman Bench with Matching Pillows

Add a personal touch to your bay window area with the addition of an ottoman bench and mixing colourful pillows. Design the blinds with tapes to match the colours you are using for your space.

Explore Blackout Blinds

For privacy and maintenance of privacy, this is possible with blackout blinds for your bay window. Choose blackout blinds that suit the interior colour scheme and feel of your space.

Aesthetics with Reading Chair

Contrasting colours between the window blinds and the reading chair puts all the attention on the chair in your space. Focus the attention and bring ideas to life by contrasting colours with reading chairs, blinds, and bay windows.

Bay Window Backdrop

Bay windows are perfect for making backdrops for your favourite area in your house. Use the blinds as a dose of colour to complement your bay window for its backdrop function.

Potted Plants Option

Potted plants add colour and life to your space. This aids the backdrop experience of the bay window to be the background of everything that is in front of it. You should use matching window blind colours with a tape design.

Dining Bay Windows with Blinds

A large bay window makes the perfect accessory for a formal dining room table. You can turn this into a casual area with the blinds and candlesticks for dinner.

Add Seasonal Decoration Touches

You should easily be able to add seasonal decorations like thanksgiving and christmas that complement your bay windows. Use neutral blind colours for best results with decorations. You can use blinds tape to complement your design.

Living Room Blinds for Bay Windows

For privacy and light filtration, you should use the right blinds to manage your bay windows. Also, use drapery as a bay window treatment for a more formal living room setting.

Window Blinds in Modern Space

Are you going for a modern and spacious home area? You should declutter your bay window area by installing blinds to reduce the space requirements and help to control the light entering your space. A bigger bay window makes the space more modern, dramatic, and stylish.

Complementing Painting

When setting up the area around your bay window, install comfortable seating in the sitting area. This should be the top priority for your space. Bay windows take care of the lightning and blinds controls the intensity of light entering the space. Use complementary painting to make the space more comfortable.

Box Bay Windows with Blinds

Squared-off design on box bay window can add beauty to both the interior and exterior of your home. The space can turn into a private alcove depending on the size of the box window. Your window blind choice determines the final look of your box bay window.

Contemporary Victorian Look with Blinds

Victorian bay windows fare best when you let them stand on their own. However, you can use a basic window covering like blinds to add an extra touch to the victorian look you wish to achieve for your bay window. Keep it as simple as possible. Add a small cocktail table or bench in front of the window for aesthetics.

Bright Yellow with White Window Blinds

For the bay window in your bedroom, your comfy bed is probably the centre of focus. Surround it with dark orange walls and a white ceiling. Your bay window should hang white blinds to control and manage the light brightness.

Artistic Design Focus

Large bay windows with vertical window blinds place their main focus on what is in the space. It boasts the piece of artistic design or vintage object in the room for maximum exposure and focus. If you wish to highlight an object in your space, place it around bay windows. Use window blinds to control the amount of light entering the space at a time.

Hardwood Flooring for Large Office Space

You can show off the flooring of your office space with the bursting of light coming in from your large bay windows. You can control the light with window blinds. Install vertical window blinds for the best experience.

Focus on Comfy Home Chair

You can decide to showcase the comfy chair in your home and the brown rug underneath it. Placing your comfy home chair right in front of your bay window makes it the centre of focus when light comes bursting into your space. Control this light with the window blind of your choice.

Open Office Space

For your open office space with glass walls acting as a window and door, you can highlight the carpet flooring and tiled ceiling with the light coming from the window. For office spaces, vertical window blinds are best to manage and control the light entering the office.

Wooden Blinds for Dining Area

Use wooden blinds to achieve a classy dining look for your dining area. Classy chairs and a side table are great complementary objects to wooden blinds and a stylish addition to your internal decor.

Add Charming Ceiling Light

Add a stylish dining table and chairs as the centrepiece of the dining area. You can also add charming ceiling light to this space. Bay windows flood this area with bright light. Add surrounding black walls and a white ceiling to focus attention on the dining chair and table set.

Built-in Shelves around Bay Windows

You can add built-in shelves around your bay window to hold your vase and jars. White vertical or horizontal blinds can help you control the light intensity sipping into your space. Use complementary colours when setting up your shelves.

Small Bay Window Featuring Couch

For small spaces featuring a lovely couch, you can make your centrepiece table your main point of focus. Your centre table is sitting on a brown rug with hardwood flooring for aesthetics. Window blinds add extra design and privacy.

Beige Walls

You have a living space boasting of massive leather L-shaped sofa. This space has a glass top centre table. Beige walls are complementing hardwoods. Bay windows featuring your favourite blind.

Elegant Gray Walls with Luxurious Furniture

You have your living space that features a set of luxurious furniture. Grey walls envelop the whole area. Bay windows with charming blinds complement this area.

Round Dining Nook Setup

So you want your focus to be on the round dining nook setup. This is possible with green walls and windows with complementing window blinds colours.

Old Countryside Design with Plantation Shutters

Plantation blinds tend to be horizontally slatted blinds with a simple open-and-close mechanism. It provides a rustic characteristic for country home vibes. It is great for noise and thermal insulation.

Venetian Blinds Enhancement

The shape of the bay window allows the frames to be the main character of the bay window. For the frame, a perfect pairing is the slatted wooden Venetian blinds.

Woven Wood Blinds

Woven wood blinds are made from natural materials such as bamboo and grass. They provide a sophisticated and classic presence in your environment to create an eco-friendly area and feel. This shade of blinds works well when you want to create a contemporary coastal design.

Bay Window with Jasmine White Wooden Blind

This pairing is great for your bathroom, dining, bedroom, office, and kitchen area. It is easy to wipe and provides the privacy you need.

Faux Wood White Embossed with Jasmine White Tapes

Your bay window needs matching colours with premium controls and toggles. This window blind type is perfect for bay windows. Match the colours to your design scheme for a premium look and feel.

Simple White Faux Wooden Blind with Lily Tapes

They are smooth and high-quality blinds that have a quality-control mechanism for light. You can easily control the amount of light entering your space with this blind. Match the colour for a premium look.

Bay Window and Roller Blind

Roller blinds are useful for managing the privacy of your space. There are different colours, shapes, and sizes all depending on the size of your bay window. Roller blinds are ideal for kitchen, dining, and bedroom areas of your home.

Bay Window with Brilliant White Faux Wooden Blind

Waterproof slats are great for bathroom and kitchen areas. They are smooth with a high-quality mechanism to control the opening and closing operation of your blinds. Match the slate colour with your handrails for a premium look and feel.

Black Blackout Roller Blind

They are ideal for a bedroom area with bay windows. They are useful for controlling light and maintaining privacy. Make sure your window blind colour is complementary to your room colour scheme.

White Blackout Roman Blind

They are simple blinds that have no issue with cleaning. They are suitable for top and face fitting windows. Fit this window blind option on the bay window in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

White Vertical Blind

If you have a floor-to-roof bay window, pairing your white vertical blind with it is a great idea. It controls the light coming into your space and is great for covering up your bay window.

Woven Parchment Vertical Blind

This is another blind option useful for covering large windows and patio doors. It is the ultimate privacy and light control blind for your bay window.

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

This blind type is perfect for french and patio doors. It is also a great perfect fit option for your bay windows. If you are aiming for a conservative space, this blind type will help you achieve just that. You do not need to drill or screw anything while installing this window blind.

Gloss Beige Aluminium Venetian Blinds

This is an easy to use window blind type with a smooth operating mechanism. It operates a low stack weight and offers maximum visibility for your bay windows.

Dark Walnut with Chocolate Tape Window Blinds

A wooden blind with dark walnut and chocolate tape brings a complementing accent to your interior decor. Colour matching this window blind to your interior decor colour scheme provides a premium feel and look.

White Blackout Honeycomb Pleated Perfect Fit

This does not require any drilling or screwing while installing on your bay window. It has an easy toggle for smooth open and close operation. This pairing is ideal for your kitchen and dining area.

Black Perfect Fit Pleated Window Blinds

Pleated window blinds are synonymous with maintaining the privacy of your space. Perfect fit pleated blinds are simple clip-on blinds that you can install easily on your bay window frame. Useful for controlling the light entering your space.

Double Roller Blinds for Bay Windows

Using two roller blinds in one compact system makes this window blinds option the ultimate light and privacy control tool. It is great for both night and day periods for controlling light rays filtering into your space.

Beige with Haze Double Roller Blinds

The double roller blind mechanism combines two blinds with complementary colours. It is useful for controlling the light and maintaining the privacy of your space. Its complementary colours can fit perfectly into your colour decor scheme. It is great for matching interior design.

Real Wood Almond White Window Blinds

This blind type is made from real wood. They provide a natural feel to your interior. The colour adds a complementary feature to your internal decor. Depending on what you wish to achieve with your bay window, this window blind option is a great choice.

Antique Steel with Hazel Soft Gray Double Roller Blind

This is a double roller blackout blind for your bay window. Pair up this compact system with your bay window to achieve a contemporary and modern design.

Dolphin Grey with Haze Pure Double Roller Blind

This soft colour combination combines well to fit your interior decoration. This contrasting colour scheme is great for achieving a blackout design system. It is great for light and privacy control.

Midnight Black Roller Blinds

This is a great choice for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room areas of your home. It is easy to wipe down and great for privacy control. Pairs well with your interior design colour scheme.

Midnight with Haze Pure Double Roller Blinds

This bay window and window blind pairing is great for a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and office area. It is easy to clean and great for privacy control. Works well with a bay window and French doors.

Stripped Roller Blinds

This is a luxurious finish with quality fabric. It features patterns and prints on the window blinds. It is easy to wipe and waterproof. Hence, it is a great selection for the kitchen and bathroom area of your home. Great for bay windows and French doors.

MissPrint Ditto Liquorice Roman Blinds

This blind type is great for light filtering and blackout. It is easy to fit and simple to clean. The fabric is easily removable for cleaning and replacement. Match the colour of these bay window blinds with other objects in your space.

Wabi Black Roman Blinds

This is a classic and perfect window blind that is usable across different rooms in your home. It gives character to the room it is in. Soft fabric to dress your bay window and add the privacy layer you need for your home.

Summing It Up

The content above highlights different bay window blind ideas that can help you mix things up for a stylish and modern design for your home. It discusses several ideas that you can easily implement in your space rather than going for the traditional design. You can mix up these ideas together depending on what you are working with in your house. Get creative with these ideas to get the best bay window blind design for your space.

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