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Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
5 best conservatory blind ideas

5 best conservatory blind ideas

A conservatory, hands down, is that part of our homes that we are all proudest of. Who doesn’t wanna show off those glass ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows? No matter how hard we have fallen for them, we can’t escape the fact that the sun glare that comes through those glass panes can be a real pain sometimes. The sheer glass looks like a luxury unmatched but one often wants to spend some quality time there as well. That is when lack of privacy stares back at you in the eye (with a few neighbours and dogs too sometimes). Putting up some exquisite made-to-measure conservatory blinds can make your life a lot easier.

While we are excited to take you through some conservatory blinds ideas, choosing the perfect one for your exotic space might seem like a daunting task. Read further as I share my top recommendations for conservatory ideas on a budget and how you can reclaim that space without a lot of effort (or investment). 

If you stay around till the very end of the blog, there is a surprise recommendation (for your conservatory windows) for you to sneak in somewhere.

What Blinds Are Best For Conservatories?

This might sound offensive but I am just being honest when I say that conservatories without perfect blinds look sort of naked. They are just too sheer, letting the world peek into your private space. With the constant fear of someone passing by and catching you, it might always feel like sitting in a house without a door. That is why I would say that putting up blinds on your conservatory windows is absolutely necessary.

I could simply put up a case saying that blinds let you spend more time in a space of your home where you have probably spent the most money on. Most of the time you would ditch conservatories because of the light levels, especially during the summer months. Right blinds covering the areas exactly where you want them to cover can be a benefit you didn't think about before. Chilling in your living space or home office year-round without thinking of who passes by is a comfort beyond measure. 

I would still say that I got a better reason for you to consider getting those new blinds. That reason is the addition of a high-end character and a contemporary look. Adding exclusive perfect fit blinds in complementing colours, made in great quality can instantly spruce up most conservatories beyond your imagination. I remember, when I did mine, it instantly felt straight out of some romantic movie set. Who wouldn’t want to wake up or even entertain guests in a space like that? I definitely would, in a heartbeat. 

Pleated blinds in conservatory

Pleated Blind

A major concern of most people thinking of getting conservatory blinds is how the blinds are going to look when not in use. Those closed blinds looking all bulky on the top of the window frame or conservatory roof are a big no-no for me. That is when I discovered pleated blinds. These blind styles are basically made of foldable slats that get neatly on top of each other when you close them. This allows them to not only provide shade but also get reduced to a block of slats hiding up on the top of your windows. When you see them from a distance, it is hard to guess that they will fall open to cover the entire window going down to the floor.

It is a highly innovative choice to not only protect you from glare and do the job excellently well but also keep out of your sight when not in use. When you close these blinds, they tend to sit flat at the right top of the window as their precise pleats merge into one and hide pretty well. 

Roller blinds in conservatory

Roller Blinds

Sometimes we like to control the sun, the shade, and the blinds all by ourselves. If you are looking for something that can allow you to enjoy that kind of control over your conservatory blinds then Roller blinds are your ultimate solution. These could be night roller blinds as well that not only give you greater control over your room or doors but also give you an airy feel. With so many different types of blinds available, you can also control the temperature within and stay warm. The thermal insulation properties of these English blinds can even reduce your heating bills.

The best advantage of these blinds is the ease of installation that they come with. You can simply roll them up or down by pulling chords. You can enjoy a shady spot while the rest of the conservatory is filled with the golden rays of the sun. You can also enjoy a coffee in winter in a small sunny spot without letting it boil the rest of the room. Another advantage is that you can choose colours in these roller blinds in plain shades that can potentially merge with the rest of the panelling or paints. It is a great design advantage when you don’t want a lot of texture in your living space. 

Apart from these, if the light really bothers you and you want the blinds to totally shut it out during a certain time of the day, you can consider blackout blinds as well. Let all these guides (including mine) educate you but eventually it’s all about what speaks to you better. Your ultimate choice should depend on whether your chosen blind makes the conservatory more usable or comfortable for you or not. 

Venetian Blinds

Temperatures can be a major issue when it comes to conservatories. One often keeps emphasising regulating the temperatures within the conservatory but they tend to forget one major thing. When choosing blinds or skimming through the zillion conservatory blinds ideas, one has to also keep in mind that the material that you are choosing must be able to withstand the temperature that the glass gets from the sun. A clear choice in such a condition is aluminium Venetian blinds.

Why Venetian blinds? Because these are very versatile blinds that let you control light and privacy in one blind. You can simply open the vertical slats and let the light barge in while there is not a lot that can be seen from the outside. Why aluminium Venetian blinds? That’s because aluminium is one of the most low-maintenance materials and can be the perfect blinds for your conservatory. It is easiest to clean with a damp cloth and even sturdy enough to be taken down side by side. It is a great conservatory idea even for the side windows of a dining room or a home office. With such a perfect combo of a contemporary feel an ideal solution, what more could one ask for?

Vertical blinds in conservatory

Vertical Blinds

When talking about floor-to-ceiling windows, the first choice has been vertical blinds for the longest time. While a lot of us have gone for a range of fabrics and curtains over the years, an expert's advice today after experimenting with many conservatories would be vertical blinds. They are convenient, they are affordable, and they look absolutely elegant in conservatories. With these as side blinds or simply sitting on your uPVC windows, they will make a friendly team to make your conservatory cool and welcoming. With a uniform outlook that looks sharp, smooth, and crisp, vertical blinds are a great choice to cover wide areas of glass with direct sunlight.

If you are looking for conservatory blinds ideas on a budget, these should be your go-to any day. With just one pull its vertical slats turn to the side allowing you control over direct light and privacy. You can either open them fully or leave them halfway for a unique outlook altogether. Don't shy away from experimenting with real wood or more fabrics on your doors, window, or conservatory in general. It doesn't end there because you can easily choose from a lot of colours and more budget materials in them too. Wooden vertical blinds, or aluminium vertical blinds, can make your room's interiors, budget, and aesthetics perfectly sorted.

Roof Blinds

While I have gone on and on about the window panes, we are yet to touch base specifically with roof blinds per se. Some conservatories have a large roof that can make you feel like sitting right under the clear sky but can be a challenge too. 

The honeycomb fabric of these blinds can be your best friend. It not only looks terrific while adding a very high-end luxury touch to your interiors but also works brilliantly well as an insulator. As we have already established that regulating temperatures within conservatories can be a big challenge. With roof blinds taking care of the heat right at the roof, you will notice a lot of difference in the temperature almost instantly. It is surely going to get your guests talking.

Before we disperse this e-meeting, I would take a moment to give you one last suggestion that I think most guides miss. Since you allowed me the honour of your time to read this blog till the end of it, here is your sweet surprise recommendation. That would be perfect fit blinds. Who would want to make holes and take the risk of drilling in those expensive panels holding those even more expensive glass panes together? With perfect-fit blinds, all you need to do is use a thin card (similar size as your credit card) to slide those brackets on the sides of where your windows are attached and simply attach your blind frame to that. No drills, no holes, no dust, no toll (on your mental health of course because of anxiety).

Final Thoughts

With this, we come to an end of this guide on conservatory blinds ideas. With the right use of blinds, you can make the most of the space inside and outside of your magnificent conservatory. It helps you elevate your home aesthetics while making the space more useful too. You can also make it more welcoming by blocking the sunlight or adding warmth or light when you need to. This ease to make changes as per the season and mood is what makes blinds such a great investment.

Our team can personally guide you to find your best match when it comes to blinds. We at Blind Style are a big fan of conservatories and would suggest you order our free samples to kickstart the new decor.

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