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Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Blinds for Small Windows

Blinds for Small Windows

You may be a pro in carrying oversized outfits but the windows at your home don’t possess your fashion skills. So, if they look bigger or are small enough to bring in unwanted light from the corners, maybe it's time to consider made-to-measure blinds for small windows.

We have several options for a smaller window recess too. So, if you are struggling to find a perfect match for your bathroom blinds, window blinds, or kitchen blinds, let's talk more. By the end of it, we are sure you will be ready to experiment with your decor, materials, patterns, colours, and more. So, let's dive straight in.

What Type Of Blinds Are Best For Small Windows?

Most of the made to measure blinds can be made perfectly for small windows. However, if you are looking for nothing short of utter perfection, here’s the blinds that look best in smaller windows.

  • Aluminium Venetian blinds- The long thin horizontal slats of a Venetian blind can beautifully complement most window sizes and impart a posh air to the entire space. Besides, with Venetian blinds, you can be the boss and control the entry of outside lights as per your liking. For short and wide windows, they are ideal. However, if your measurements exceed half a meter in width and the structure is long, slatted Venetian blinds can also serve your purpose. 

Already made up your mind to go for Venetian blinds? That’s great because our perfect fit blind range is also available with our Venetian blinds collection for small uPVC frames. 

  • Wooden blinds- If your preference is inclined towards creating a natural aura in the living room, rather than artificial elegance, wooden blinds are your type. They can help you achieve an earthy ambience that is very soothing to your senses. But what’s best about them is they go with every small window structure be it short and wide or long and narrow.

Our Wooden blinds come in various choices. From faux wood and real wood to with or without decorative tapes, you will never run out of options. 

  • Roller blinds: You can flatter your small windows with the classic but never-out-of-style Roller blinds. They look neat and smart thanks to the disguised fabric-wrapped bottom bar. If you want to add a contemporary flair, we suggest you consider opting for day and night (vision) blinds. Our Roller Blinds collection also comes with the perfect fit blinds choices. 
  • Vertical blinds: When it comes to long thin window structures, Vertical blinds tick all the marks. This is because the vertical sections effortlessly add definition to the slender look of the window. They also come in diverse styles and features. So irrespective of the room, the vertical blinds can be your perfect mate in beautifying your window panes. 

Not to forget the vertical blackout blinds that can help you sleep like a baby without even a single ray of light daring to disturb you. 

Pro Tip: When choosing blinds for small windows, pick a lighter and softer shade. This will keep your home light, airy, and bright without compromising privacy. 

Are blinds or curtains better for a small window?

The minimalistic approach works best for small rooms with small windows. So, it’s blinds any day of the week. They give you much-needed breathing space even in a confined area. They also fulfil the wishes of every kind of room including your moisture-loaded kitchen and bathroom. They add a far chic touch to your bedroom as well.

How Do You Measure Small Windows For Blinds?

Measuring the small windows for perfectly fitted blinds is very simple. All you need to do is decide whether to go for an inside or an outside mount. Then take a measuring tape, a pen, and a piece of paper and start with the below-mentioned easy steps. 

Inside mount

  • Take the measurements of the inside of the frame at the head, centre, and bottom. Note the narrowest width out of the three.
  • Check the height; left, right and centre. Jot down the longest length.
  • Now measure the depth to know how deep the blind can go.

Outside mount

  • Take measurements of the overall space you want to cover including the width and the height of the window.
  • Consider adding 3 extra inches to up the privacy level. Extending the blinds will also make your small windows look bigger in case that’s what you want.

Pro Tip: When replacing an existing blind, measure the window, not the blind. 

Is It Better To Mount Blinds Inside Or Outside?

Let’s face it, mounting blinds inside is the preferred choice because it is neat and pleasing to the eyes. For that, sufficient depth is required to set the blind. So, if your window frames lack that, don't fret. An outside mount would do just fine. You just need a design that is eye-catching but blends seamlessly with the vibe of the entire interior space. 

Final Thoughts

Blindstyle has an array of mini and small blinds for your cute little window demands. And, when we say mini, our blinds can go as small as 300mm wide. Tell us the measurements and we will take care of the rest. You can also check our free samples before making the final call.

We can’t wait to serve you with our amazing made-to-measure blinds for small windows.

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