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Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
How to clean shutters

How to clean shutters

Window shutters are often the first thing people notice while passing by your home. Knowing the tricks on how to clean window shutters can help you create an excellent first impression. Thankfully, shutters are not just durable window attires that bestow an elegant charm in your space, they are also relatively easy to maintain. That is one of the reasons why many prefer them over curtains. 

It is true that tips on how to clean wooden shutters will involve some extra caution due to the wood being sensitive to moisture. But, our top tips on how to clean plantation shutters will make the job a piece of cake. If you are still unsure whether to use an old toothbrush or a soft brush, mild dish soap, white vinegar, or mild detergent, it is time to get started. Don't worry, these methods will take good care of your painted finishes too.

Avoid common mistakes

Shutters are the widely used window dressings because they stand the test of time. They are easy to install and maintain. But, for them to look as good as new for a long period, it is necessary you commit yourself to not making the commonly made errors when cleaning them. 

  • Avoid using water: We understand that water is an important component when it comes to cleaning surfaces. But, try to refrain from using it while dealing with shutters and choose a dry cleaning cloth instead. This becomes more relevant for wooden plantation shutters as moisture does not play well with wood. A slightly damp cloth can help you with cleaning your shutters.

Water can make them swell or shrink resulting in badly-fitted shutters. Also, it can cause discolouration on the shutters. A dry microfibre cloth or cotton cloth works best to clean your shutters.

  • Restrict liquid cleaners: Frequent dusting is all you need to clean plantation shutters. But you may use vinegar-based cleaners if they get excessively dirty. That being said, we won’t recommend excessive amounts of liquid cleaners. So you must make sure that the soft cloth you are using to clean is barely damp. Make sure to quicken the drying process to manage cleaning time.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Getting rid of built up dust with a vacuum cleaner is a great way to keep your shutters tidy. You have to take note that yours have a soft upholstery attachment. 

Simply tilt the shutter slats to an open position or close them as per your convenience and vacuum each nook and corner. Use the low-intensity setting to prevent damage. Don’t forget to vacuum the surrounding space for a deep clean. It’s necessary to ensure no dirt remains on the floor or the sill. 

Wipe down heavier stains

Not all shutters need to be treated the same way. The ones with heavy stains on them will require added care. Let’s take the example of your wooden kitchen shutters. Needless to say, the shutters in or near the kitchen area will be exposed to hard-to-remove oil stains. In that case, we suggest you take a mildly damp microfibre cloth and wipe down the splatters carefully. Once the tough stains are gone, take another clean and dry microfibre cloth and rub off any remaining moisture residue with a gentle wipe. 

We would also recommend considering regular dusting of these shutters. This way, dirt or unwanted dust won't accumulate on them, saving you heavy frequent cleaning.

What is the easiest way to clean wooden shutters?

With no hooks or pleats to distract, cleaning plantation shutters can be super quick. The easiest hack is to remove the dirt particles on a regular or frequent basis using a feather duster or a dry cloth. After you have dusted, apply a dryer sheet on each slat. This will prevent dust build-up on the surfaces. 

Different Materials, Different Cleaning Solutions

The type of shutters you have will determine your cleaning technique and cleaning products. For example, wooden slats demand negligible usage of water or liquid solutions. Let's explore a few more top tips.

Shutters – Real Wood and Faux Wood

Both real wood and faux wood shutters require similar maintenance tricks. Use a soft dust cloth and dust each section of the slats minutely at frequent intervals.

For an improved dust-resistant finish on the faux wood shutters, you can use a dryer sheet or a duster lightly coated with non-silicone and anti-static spray once in a while. To retain the natural sheen of the wood, clean the wooden slats monthly with lemon oil or furniture polish-treated cloth. Avoid overusing the products.

The best way to clean wooden plantation shutters

Keeping your home clean is a daunting task and shutters are an important aspect of that. But the good news is cleaning wooden plantation shutters is not as exhausting as it sounds. 

Here’s a step-by-step cleaning guide for you:

  • Use a duster or soft microfibre cloth to get rid of dust from the slats 

Tilt the slats and wipe each individual surface from the middle to the exterior edges. If you are short on time, adjust them to a closed position and then use a clean cloth to wipe all of them at once.

  • Use a toothbrush for the corners

Corners are hard to clean and a cloth won’t get the job done. Instead, a soft toothbrush will be perfect for those narrow edges.

  • Treat stubborn marks with a damp cloth

If your shutters have tough marks that cannot be dealt with with a dry cloth, you can use a damp one. You can use plain water or mix it with white vinegar in a spray bottle in equal halves. This helps you not exert too much pressure and this naturally restores the wood's shine too. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals or soap bars. Wipe the moisture away with a dry towel in the end. 

Final Thoughts

Regular light dustings of the shutters are enough to maintain shutters. Deep cleaning is recommended at least once on a yearly basis. However, the amount of dirt and grime your shutters accumulate is a determining factor regarding how frequently you need to clean them.

If you clean your shutters regularly like this, your window dressing will feel like new shutters in no time. No wonder they are so popular as low-maintenance window coverings. So, if you are thinking of a window makeover, Blindstyle is waiting to serve you with the best shutter platter.

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