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Perfect Fit Fabric Blinds

Looking for a fabric blind to cover a window and even patio doors? Our range go up to over 3m wide, while remaining fully functional and stylish. All made to measure in the UK, and available in a huge range of colours, styles, and designs.

Made to Measure Perfect Fit Fabric Blinds

Sometimes regular sized blinds simply won’t do, which is why we’ve created a variety of extra long blinds that have the ability to fit much larger windows. Keeping all the natural elegance of our regular blinds, these added large blinds are produced specifically to your size, and can cover large windows up to 3 metres wide.

Our extra long blinds are made to measure, so you can delight in long blinds that are a perfect fit making installation much easier. Simply measure for the size of blind that you need and we’ll do the rest, it’s as simple as that! 

If you have a special requirement for extra large window blinds that you can’t find on our website, please get in touch. We manufacture every one of our blinds in the UK and are experts in made to measure blinds, so we probably have a solution for you.

When selecting which style of blinds to pick, some types are more ideal than others for wide windows or big locations of glass that need covered.

What are the best perfect fit fabric blinds?

Vertical Blinds: Their lightweight nature and capacity to rotate their louvres to almost any type of angle means you can precisely manage the amount of personal privacy and also shielding easily. Vertical blinds are easy to clean. And when you want to allow the light to flood in or just to appreciate the view, they can be drawn to one or both sides without occupying excessive space. Blackout lining is also an option. There are some limitations, but we can cover up to 3 metres in most cases.

Roller Blinds: These blinds work in any room, and are a classic stylish choice. You can also add blackout lining to roller blinds for extra light and privacy protection. The only things to consider here are the weight of the large roller blinds, especially with a blackout fabric, as well as the pattern design. Most designs are great up to 3m, but this will vary on the pattern. The great thing about our extra long roller blinds is they can be completely rolled up, allowing more control and easier access to doors/windows.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds: Aluminium slats are small and lightweight, so they can be great for long windows. Just be cautious of the added weight for large venetian blind sizes and how the slats will stack at the top, this may cause access issues for doors.

Wooden Blinds: Wooden Blinds are similar to venetian blinds in they provide slats that stack up at the top, which you should consider. There’s also the weight aspect, which can become very heavy if the blind is long. We recommend using a real wood option if the window is wide, this will be lighter than the faux wood alternative. The upside, is wooden blinds look stunning and are a very popular option today.

Custom made sizes include:

Centimetres Millmetres Inches Feet
20cm 200mm 8" 1ft
30cm 300mm 9" 1.5ft
40cm 400mm 10" 2ft
50cm 500mm 15" 2.5ft
60cm 600mm 20" 3ft
70cm 700mm 25" 3.5ft
80cm 800mm 30" 4ft
90cm 900mm 35" 4.5ft
100cm 1000mm 40" 5ft
110cm 1100mm 45" 5.5ft
120cm 1200mm 50" 6ft
130cm 1300mm 55" 6.5ft
140cm 1400mm 60" 7ft
150cm 1500mm 65" 7.5ft
160cm 1600mm 70" 8ft
170cm 1700mm 75" 8.5ft
180cm 1800mm 80" 9ft
190cm 1900mm 85" 9.5ft
200cm 2000mm 90" 10ft
210cm 2100mm 95" 10.5ft
220cm 2200mm 100" 11ft
230cm 2300mm 105"
240cm 2400mm 110"
250cm 2500mm 115"
260cm 2600mm 120"
270cm 2700mm 125"
280cm 2800mm
290cm 2900mm
300cm 3000mm
310cm 3100mm
320cm 3200mm