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Bedroom Blind Ideas To Style Your Room

Bedroom Blind Ideas To Style Your Room

Has this ever happened to you that you decorated a room with all your heart and in the end, it still felt like something is missing? Rooms often lose the sense of security and comfort of a safe space when we try to make them too high-end. This surely can be a challenge because a home is a social space as well so a lot of wild and loud ideas could be too much. This is also true that in order to make the bedroom decor match the rest of the home decor, your bedroom never gets the cosy differentiation it deserves. To solve this dilemma, I have a thread for you so you can have the best of both worlds. 

Allow us to further explain to you how made to measure blinds are a remarkable alternative for curtains for your bedroom. Let us take you through some very trendy blinds for your bedroom windows. We hope that you are ready to explore some small bedroom window ideas and even master bedroom window ideas with us.

Don’t worry if you can’t figure out how and where, to begin with. Allow me to help you find some of the best blinds for your bedroom.

Figuring out what blind is best for your bedroom

Wanna fall in love with a contemporary bedroom like the one below? All you need is a few elegant Venetian blinds and it will be a transformation worth a gasp. Let’s admit it, all of us at some adult phase in our life have longed for those magazine bedrooms. The sleek finish of uniform high-quality Venetian blinds can add a lot of character to your bedroom. Whites and other simpler tones can make your bedroom the peaceful sanctuary you craved all your life. You must also consider wooden venetian blinds for their warm colours and smart pattern. They make a perfect addition to your frame while successfully blocking the sun.

Enjoy a hot chocolate with heat trapped inside the room, keeping you warm on a dark winter night. Venetian blinds have many benefits across seasons. Whether you want to add light or colour to your room or get a thermal lining to suit your windows, this will be a great pick for bedroom blinds. It could also be an inspiration to create or redecorate a loft or get even more light there. You can easily layer them up with curtains to further style your windows. Making your loft or large windows stylish is not the only benefit of Venetian blinds. You can easily block the glare of the harsh sun with these blinds without getting a blackout lining. Align it with the rest of your home decor or simply don’t, let this stylish and smart space in your home define you.

Blinds for a good night's sleep

Your decision of an ideal bedroom blind doesn’t only have to be about the design aspect of it. Nor should it be based on which blind variant is available at the cheapest price. One major parameter people tend to ignore is the utility aspect of it. What is the dearest thing we associate our bedrooms with? Sleep! Nothing beats a peaceful good night’s sleep. Keeping this in mind, Blackout blinds are a terrific option to bring your bedroom closer to your dream space.

A great advantage of a made to measure blinds is that they sit neatly within your window recess. This ensures that blinds don’t take up a lot of your space or create a bulky look for that matter. This surely doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the design aspect entirely. These blinds let you play a lot with textures, patterns, colours, and even fabric qualities. Thanks to their compact sizes, your bedroom is never getting overwhelmed with curtains again.

If you have a larger bedroom, you can still consider layering these up with voiles or curtains to add more natural elements. Even if the possibility of getting a thermal lining is low, the ease to control light in bedrooms makes it a smart pick. Another advantage is that no matter which patterns or colours you pick, you will always get to consume it better because of its fuller area. This is not the case with shutters as you don't get to play with fabrics. A customer creating inspiration by their willingness to experiment with patterns and colours can be really something. The quality of these blind fabrics makes your windows sleek. This neat nature makes them a great pick for your bedrooms.

Blinds for privacy

One of the most important parameters to choosing blinds for a bedroom should be bedroom privacy. One has to have absolute privacy in an intimate space like a bedroom. Honestly, who would want to sleep in a questionable position with your entire neighbourhood getting a peek in from the window? Curtains do the job too but with crevices. Roller blinds or Venetian blinds are the two top choices when it comes to privacy.

A big advantage of both these styles is that of light control. If you want to sleep through the day or enjoy a full-blown Instagram shoot from your room, you can easily control the light. While roman blind or pleated blind could be on some lists too but the former duo top the charts for me.

Worried about hunting for contemporary designs? Here at Blind Style, we offer a great range of trendy prints, made to measure fits, and designs offering you great potential for experimentation with your window treatments. 

Blinds for a designer look

Imagine the impression a designer look of a living room or a bedroom can make on your guests. Wooden blinds are a great option to nail that impression. These blinds provide you with great control over both privacy and light. Not only that, but wooden blinds also reduce noise to a great extent.

If there had to be an award for the most versatile blind style for rooms, it had to be wooden blinds. Whether your room is modern, traditional, colourful, country-cottage style or any other theme-based, the wooden feels will instantly merge with them all. The exclusive finishes, wood grains, and textures can elevate your room in no time. Did I mention that you can even get those wooden blinds painted?

While you have enough reasons to trust its design, let’s not forget the maintenance part of it. You can easily clean those wooden blinds with a duster or a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Pro Tip: The slats of the wooden blinds are easily replaceable but I will still advise you to get a few extra in the same texture/paint for future use.

Blinds for a budget bedroom

When discussing budget bedroom ideas, window shutters are my top recommendation. People often feed on this misconception that these are only meant for older houses. Contrary to what most people think, window shutters at full height are an excellent choice of window styling for any home. Hardwood shutters with a crisp white finish or even muted tones not only look elegant but also add elegance from the outside. You can team them up with soft furnishings or even add curtains in a lightweight fabric.

A big advantage of these made to measure shutters for an important room is that your bedroom gets far more natural light through its white louvres. Do you know why? That’s because sunlight bounces off it. Apart from allowing sunlight through your large windows, you also get to prioritise your bedroom privacy. Who wouldn’t fall in love with soft light falling into your bedroom through french doors or bay windows?

Blinds for bay windows

Bay windows are always a challenge to tackle. My ultimate choice for your bay window would be Roller blinds. These are often big and three in number to give it a mansion-like outlook. It is understandable to consider the question of prices at this stage. Available in endless plain and patterned finishes, roller blinds are the most affordable blind styles for budget bedrooms. You will be pleased to know that they are also the easiest to maintain and clean so feel free to add them to your shopping basket right away.

Bay windows are one of the most underrated architectural features and can make a huge difference with the right blinds on top of them. Make the most of the endless options of window treatments available for roller blinds. Apart from that, Vertical blinds could also be a great pick too.

Conclusion paragraph

After going through my extensive guide to choosing some of the finest bedroom blind ideas for your bedroom windows, I hope things feel a little under control now. Whether bedroom privacy is your agenda or controlling direct sunlight is your priority, budget is your concern or your bay window is giving you a hard time, this list of ideas will help you design your dream bedroom.

Before I leave, all I want to say is that you must not compromise on your bedroom and its great night's sleep. Pull in the budget from some other luxury in some other nook of your home. The bedroom is the only space that must be spiced up every then and now to sustain its charm. It should always feel like a safe space in all your stages and phases of life. You don’t expect to like the same t-shirt every year, do you? Just like your t-shirt, your taste in bedroom decor or window dressing has an expiry date too. All you gotta do is pick a brand you trust and leave it all to them.

Don’t forget to get free samples from Blind Style while researching your dream blinds for your bedroom window. Physical samples in hand make all the difference.

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