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Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Best Blinds for Sash Windows

Best Blinds for Sash Windows

Whether your interiors are vintage in aesthetic or they carry a contemporary touch, Sash windows can enhance the look of all kinds of decors. Many homes in the UK can be seen boasting their sash windows. The window style has been around for ages now and has successfully made its place in complementary settings as well. But just like every other design concept, sash windows come with their own challenges. One of the biggest tasks can be choosing the right blinds for them. 

To be able to decide which style of blinds can work best for you, you must consider finding the perfect fit blinds for sash windows. One might want to make an elegant pick whether for their bathrooms or dining room. What are some things to keep in mind when looking for blinds for sash windows? Read ahead to find out.

What is a sash window?

Sash windows have been there throughout history and add a beautiful feature to period properties. Many homeowners like to opt for them for design and utility reasons. They are also a wonderful addition to the overall aesthetic of a home’s decor. But, what exactly is a sash window, and how does it work? Let’s understand in-depth.

A sash window has movable sections, also known as ‘sashes’ that glide onto each other. Unlike modern windows where the panes are opened with the help of hinges, sash windows use a detailed mechanism made of cords, weights, or springs. This mechanism helps in keeping the sash in place, once opened. 

There can be several types of sash windows. They can be categorised on the basis of two differentiators- types of movement, and opening mechanism. 

Firstly, there can either be sash windows where the lower pane slides vertically or horizontally for the window to open. Sash window dressing ideas are largely influenced by their movement type. 

Secondly, these windows can be differentiated on the basis of their opening mechanism. Your sash window might open with the help of weights hung over a pulley. They are known as Box Sash Windows because this pulley mechanism is fitted inside them in a box. 

The other kind is known as Spiral Balance Windows because instead of using pulleys and weights, this mechanism uses springs. 

Which blinds are best for Sash windows?

Finding sash window blinds is not a very complex task. Almost all blinds can be made to measure. Still, there are some very major points to consider before choosing blinds for your sash windows. 

For starters, these blinds may either sit in the window recess or outside the window recess. The measurements of the blinds are required to change according to the desired positioning. Secondly, the measurements might also change according to the movement style of your windows.

Overlooking the above pointers might result in window blinds that interfere with the ease of using a window. You might as well experience undesired space between the window and the blinds, which hampers privacy and increases heat loss. 

Fortunately, sash windows go well with many kinds of blinds. Depending on your requirements and sense of style, you can choose the option that fits you the best. Let us look at some of the popularly chosen blind styles for sash windows:

Venetian Blinds

Made up of horizontally arranged hard slats, Venetian Blinds complement sash windows to perfection. When open, the slats are at a 90-degree angle from the surface of the glass, letting the light in. When closed, the slats go back to being parallel to the window panes, closing off the outside world completely. 

Venetian blinds are a brilliant option when it comes to choosing window treatments for victorian sash windows. They are available in a number of finishes, materials, and slat sizes. It is very easy to pick the perfect fit for your sash windows out of the myriad of available options available at BlindStyle.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are the kinds of blinds that can fit almost all kinds of windows because of how little they interfere with the functioning of the windows. They are made of fabric sheets that get rolled around a bar mounted at the top, upon closing. You can get them in the same colour as your windows, or in a colour that complements the decor to make sure they don’t suppress the aesthetic while allowing complete coverage. Sleek design and your living spaces will make a perfect pair. They are easy to use, easy to maintain, and stylish, all at once making it a perfect choice for your bedrooms too.

You can find roller blinds in a ton of fabrics, and styles at BlindStyle.  

Plantation Shutters

A very popular choice amongst interior design enthusiasts, the plantation shutters can also be a great choice to go for when choosing blinds to cover your victorian sash windows. They are fixtures mounted on the window that are made up of horizontal rails and vertical slats. This frame can be fitted with wood or faux wood. At BlindStyle, we offer the best-in-class shutters to our consumers. 

Which one is the best option?

Roller blinds are so far the best option for sash windows because of how conveniently they cooperate with the functioning of sash windows. Because of the wide variety of style options available, they can complement all interior aesthetics.

Can you have perfect window blinds for sash windows?

Finding the best blinds for sash windows isn’t a lot of struggle, because these kinds of windows have been in popular use for centuries now. Most kinds of blinds can be made to work with this window style, but some of the options work the best. You simply can not go wrong when going with a simple choice. An easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain option can go a long way. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, for a window choice as classic as sash windows, it is important to find blinds that enhance or complement the elegance. At the same time, it is also absolutely important to keep the functionality of your option in mind. With your chosen fabric and a quick play with the textures, you can easily make your abodes feel like period homes. 

With the wide range of options available at BlindStyle, find the blinds that suit you the best.

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