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Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Best thermal blinds

Best thermal blinds

Tired of managing those heavy curtains? Let’s face it, even the thought of washing those heavy window curtains must run a shiver down your spine. How else do you layer up for that extra sense of warmth during winter?

To ditch those heavy (and expensive) curtains doesn’t mean that you have to switch to cold interiors, does it? I am sure you don’t want to lose the charm and cosy feel that your beautiful home has during the winter season. This is exactly why I have a very trendy, elegant, and handy alternative for you. Let me introduce you to thermal blinds.

Unlike standard vertical blinds, thermal vertical blinds have many insulating layers to help reduce the loss of heat (or cold) in your home. This ensures a consistently warm temperature in your home across seasons. Let’s discuss more thermal blind types and help you pick the best thermal blinds for your bedroom and living room.

So, let us both get a cup of coffee and dive straight into it.

Types of Thermal Blinds

Before that, did you know that a thermal blind can help you save money too?  By insulating your homes, these window blinds help you save energy. Their multiple-layered flexible fabrics prevent heat from escaping your home in the winter months. These also reflect solar heat and decrease the need for ACs during the summer months reducing your carbon footprint.

Let's talk about how to pick the right insulated blinds. Before choosing the ideal insulating layer for your house, you must know how much control over light and privacy you need in your room. This choice can vary from space to space.  

Allow me to take you through the 4 energy-efficient blind types that you can consider to save money and insulate. Hang in till the end as I will also give my personal recommendations for different parts of your home.

Thermal Rollers

Thermal Roller blinds are made up of a single fabric wrapped around a heavy-duty tube for rolling. It is an affordable, durable, and easy-to-operate roller that fits on the top of window frames. It operates with a sidechain or a pull chord. These are a fine choice for retaining heat inside the home. They are made with many layers of high-quality thermal materials. Close fitting to the windows in the perfect size helps reduce heat loss.

Pro Tip: Thermal Rollers are only effective when rolled down so ensure that your window has double glazing.

Thermal Roman Blinds

Thermal Roman blinds like Roller blinds are made from a single fabric with thermal properties. They are pulled down to cover the window in a similar fashion. The only catch is that its mechanism is a little different and complicated. When pulled up to close, Roman blinds due to many partitions between form pleats. This gives a little bulky look but you could always team them up with curtains for an extra snuggly vibe.

Pro Tip: When raised, this blind is a little bulky. I would suggest avoiding very thick fabrics.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are blinds made to block external light completely. It can be blackout roller blinds rolled up a tube. It can also be blackout vertical blinds made with vertical slats. The only difference is that they are made with thick blackout fabric. These often have thermal properties as well. The blacking out of light and thickness of the fabric prevents heat build-up and keeps the room warm.

Pro Tip: These window blinds are available in several patterns. I will recommend opting for a single piece of fabric.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are made of many real or faux wood vertical slats. These are held together using chords and are easily operated. They provide great insulation when completely closed. One can expect some insulation even when they are open. They can be cumbersome because of their heaviness but the thickness of slats results in more heat loss prevention.

Pro Tip: I will say that cold air anyway finds a way in from the smallest gaps in even the best types. Go for Perfect Fit blinds to ensure no gaps at all. They are enclosed on all sides and fitted to perfection. 

What are the Best Thermal Blinds for the Bedroom? 

If I had to recommend one in a heartbeat, I would say to go for thermal roller blinds. These blinds keep the room warm when closed and also help you sleep comfortably in the dark.

You can control the light and air in your room by opening them during the day. You can also add an extra thermal lining to these for the desired level of warmth and insulation. Their top advantage is that their material options like vinyl and PVC make them easier to clean as well.

What are the Best Thermal Blinds for the Living Room?

When it comes to the living room, Wooden Venetian window blinds will be one of the best choices. One could also go for a combination of thermal-lined curtains with the latter. These not only keep you warm and help you save energy bills but also look much fuller.

A wooden touch in the living area always adds a distinct charm and contributes to the aesthetics. Skim through your options and see which colours go with your palette. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now the process of adapting your home for winter temperatures, wouldn’t feel as intimidating as before. It isn’t a lot of work if you choose the right blind type and pick a trusted company. Never underestimate the mistakes one tiny measurement can make so be very careful there. There is no exact rule when it comes to picking the right window blinds. It can be thermal curtains for you and might be thermal roller blinds for your neighbour. Trust me, you will be surprised how vast the difference it will make to your home’s outlook. Go for it!

We understand that it’s hard to match fabric with your decor by just looking at the screen, which is why we at Blind Style offer free fabric samples for you to try & see how they look in your home.
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