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Blind ideas for patio doors

Blind ideas for patio doors

Are you finding it hard to maintain the right amount of light coming through your patio doors? Those who like spacious rooms and an uninterrupted view are also very fond of patio doors. Its seamless design and features make the home feel larger. But sometimes, that brings along harsh sun glare or freezing cold breeze. This can be a real challenge. Curtains over your window panes and sliding glass doors can solve your problem to some extent. But, did you think about adjusting those many layers of sliding glass door curtains three times a day? Sounds quite painful, right?

Well, now you can choose quality blinds among several window treatments for those sliding glass doors. Not only do they help you to manage the right amount of light but add a classy look to your home. Both vertical and horizontal blinds for sliding patio doors are available with us in an impressive variety. 

But wait, struggling to decide which blind will be the best patio door blind for your home? Feeling confused or overwhelmed about where to begin? That is why this blog talks about multiple options to help you to pick the right blind for your home. So, let’s discuss 12 ideas to give your room a seamless look and find your perfect patio door blinds.

What blinds are best for patio doors?

There are several options available for you to choose from when it comes to sliding doors. So, while choosing the perfect ones for your patio door or even french doors, you must keep a few things in mind. Think about how you’re going to use that patio door and the extra space around it. It answers the amount of light control required. If you’re thinking of making the space your workspace, you need something that guards most of the light. If you think you're going to convert it into a reading space, you need an optimum amount of light in the room. Next comes your budget which is a very important decision-maker. Consider your design preferences based on how you want to eventually use that space.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself. Skim through these questions to get closer to the right patio door blinds for you and related ideas for patio doors.

  • How do you want to style your house? You should always think about how it will solve your purpose for the patio. Does it reflect your personality enough? This will give you a sense of colour or patterns, or motifs you want in your blinds. For example, Roller blinds offer a huge variety of patterns and colours in fabrics.
  • How much can you spend on the patio blind? If you’re looking for a customised product, we offer you multiple options even on a budget. Both Roller blinds and Vertical blinds can give you great variety for your patio on a tight budget. Certain other features of the blinds and patterns can increase the price as well.
  • How much light control do you need? If you are looking for total darkness, pick Blackout blinds. If you want to allow little light, choose standard fabric or slatted blinds. Just like Venetian blinds and wooden ones, it allows optimum light to pass in the room. 
  • Do you want them to be energy-efficient? Some of the blinds have some thermal qualities and therefore help you save money. Thermal blinds keep heat out during the hottest parts of the summer and trap it in during the colder months. Thermal Roller blinds are a great pick to regulate the temperature in the room leading to your patio. Covering the large patio doors with insulated layers can be an option with Roller, Vertical, and Venetian blinds. Pleated and honeycomb blinds can also suit your thermal needs well. 
  • How will you mount the blinds? The most common way to install patio door blinds is using an outside mount. That indicates that you have mounted the blinds outside of the window frame on a wall or ceiling. As it allows you to fully open the blinds, it is simple to fix. A great option for people who can’t mount outside the window or the recess is perfect fit blinds.
  • What material will be the best fit according to your functionality and aesthetics? Blinds are now available in different materials and designs; you need to pick the right one for you. You also need to consider the colour of the walls and furniture to decide the best blind type for the room. Wooden and faux wood blinds are elegant window treatments that add class and character to your patio area.

Hopefully, by now you have a clear idea about what you want from your space. Now, allow me to take you through some of the specific blind options to revamp your patio doors. 

PVC and Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Are you looking for a functional yet decorative alternative for your patio doors? Go for vertical blinds. Wait, did you just imagine it like long boring white strips hanging in a psychiatrist’s chamber?

They are not the only options for you. From block colours to contemporary patterns, your blinds are available in every style you want. So, you can bid adieu to those long, unattractive, noisy slats click-clacking along the door.

Your vertical blinds glide across a glass door or window pane in the same direction, giving a window an architectural appearance. It provides a coherent look to a room while maintaining a clean appearance. They are best suited for patio doors and wide windows. However, these can be a stylish choice for smaller rooms as well. 

Rigid PVC vertical blinds can be the best choice for your long glassy patio doors. Just like vertical blinds, it is a combination of timeless style and sturdy materials. So, it can be your perfect alternative for vertical blinds. 

The louvres are composed of a durable and robust PVC material rather than cloth. So, they can give your window a more reliable covering and a distinct appearance. Also, PVC vertical blinds don't need chains to connect each louvre to hold the slats in place. With a great range available in this variant, you can add style even when pulled open and control light levels very easily.

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds for Patio Doors

Before discussing this point further, let me ask you a simple question. How much light do you think should get through your chosen blind?

Venetian blinds are a classy and age-old blind choice. These movable blinds filter sunlight while allowing a clear outside view. You can adjust the blades to control the amount of light entering. 

[Tip: A Venetian blind is only effective to guard the light up to some extent. So, you can't create your dark room vibe with this. You will instead need perfect-fit blackout blinds for the same].

Venetian blinds have a traditional outlook. It comes in several classy colours that can complement your home décor. Its classic look goes with any style and decorations. Ranging from 100% wooden texture to aluminium, it can be a perfect choice for even your windows. Cables or fabric tapes are used to hang the blinds. The slats can now spin together as a result. The blinds can be tilted up to 180 degrees. Buying these blinds allows you varying control over the amount of light that enters your space. If you want a luxurious look for your room, grab these in a heartbeat.

Other than these two traditional forms, you have plenty of other options too. So, let’s dive in even further. 

Faux Wood Blinds

If you want traditional wood blinds for your home, but don't want to spend much, faux wood blinds are your best choice. They have such a realistic wood look that they are sometimes mistaken for real wood. While mimicking the wooden appearance, it provides durability and is cost-effective.

Faux wood blinds have become a popular choice because of their unmatchable features. Made from long-lasting PVC materials, it carries the look of wooden blinds. They're beautiful to look at and can be used year-round in any setting. Not only that, you can use these blinds everywhere as they resist moisture. So, no tension of cracking or fading of blinds like the real wooden ones. 

Faux wood blinds come in the form of Venetian blinds. Thus, it provides all the same advantages and characteristics as Venetian blinds. These window coverings have slats that are suspended from a headrail by a string. A matching wooden valance to conceal the headrail is often included. The slats and valance are both comprised of a man-made material that looks and feels like real wood.

In general, fauxwood is better for bigger windows than real wood as they're lighter Therefore, it will be a great fit for your patio doors. 

[Note: If you still wish to consider real wood blinds, the embossed wood grain might attract additional dust. So, be prepared for a little challenge there. The real wood blinds are quite heavier too, so go for separate blinds for each section.]

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Are you looking for privacy with tasteful classy aesthetics? If yes, fabric vertical blinds are a great choice. It comes with endless options in terms of colours, motives, and patterns. The touch and feel of fabrics are always a far more authentic way to add character to your home.

These vertical blinds look great in a home office or study. A touch of dark tint provides a sophisticated, professional touch to the blinds. They can also be a lovely option in a breakfast nook painting a soft neutral. Fabric Verticals come in a wide variety of colours. You may even choose a valance and a new headrail to match your decor.

If you have sliding glass doors or a very big window, install fabric verticals instead. They do add a sleek look to your space but are not as durable. So, if your tastes in home decor shift in the following five to ten years, you can just replace them. 

[Pro-tip: Cleaning these beautiful fabric vertical blinds can seem to be a bit of a challenge but not with the right techniques.]

Final Thoughts

So, hopefully, by now, you were able to pick the most suitable patio blind idea for your sliding door. 

Whether it is Roller blinds or Venetian blinds, or even Faux Wooden blinds, each comes with durability and practicality. While making the final choice, don’t forget your home is the place where your heart lies. So, go crazy while styling it in your way. Your blinds can be a terrific way to modernise your house. So, feel free to choose a smooth, classic pattern to match your doors or a bright colour to create attention. If you wish to see some exquisite options? Head to our website to check out a wide range of blinds for your patio doors. 

Feel free to check out our free samples at the Blind style website to visualise them better in your space. Get them delivered straight to your door. 

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