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Blinds for Bifold Doors

Blinds for Bifold Doors

Bi-folding doors are great for their compatibility and multi-functionality to connect your terrace or garden with your living area. Choosing between a curtain and blinds for your bifold doors can come as a hassle.

There are many available options to select from when it comes to blinds for bifold doors. The process of selecting one from these options can be overwhelming and that is why you should read on. The content below fixes this problem by detailing the benefits of bifold doors, the pros of blinds over curtains, and great choices of blinds for bifold doors. If you want to get a full understanding of the best blinds for bifold doors, you will get the answers you seek in the following lines.

Why should you go for bifold doors?

There are several benefits of bifold doors, making them increasingly popular. The factors below are some of the top reasons why you should go for bifold doors:

  • They are compact and allow you to maximise internal space, which is especially great for small rooms
  • Bifold doors allow enough natural light into your space when needed. Plus, it makes the room feel more spacious
  • They allow for flexibility with folding styles, providing you with stylish and versatile accessibility
  • Their sleek functionality modernises homes by fitting perfectly with contemporary, minimal interior design

If you are trying to decide between blinds and curtains for bifold doors, the table below shows some points to consider

Blinds Curtains
Durability Can maintain their look and style for more than 10 years Sunlight can affect colour saturation. Plus, they are susceptible to wear and tears
Styles & Colours Come in a wide range of materials, styles, and colours Also come in a wide range of materials, styles, and colours
Cost Varies, but they are generally cheaper than curtains Need to be replaced more often than blinds, depending on the materials and style
Maintenance Low maintenance. Can be wiped or dusted depending on the material High maintenance. Need to be drycleaned or serviced.

What Blinds are best for Bifold Doors?

There are several designs and styles of blinds available for bifold doors. However, we are providing a narrowed-down list of the best options for your bifold doors. The benefits of bifold door blinds depend on which blinds you are getting. Generally, they provide shade in the room, increase privacy, and regulate temperature by blocking the sun, among several others. 

Roller Blinds for Bifold Doors

Roller blinds are a great window covering for bifold doors, especially for dining areas and the kitchen. This particular selection is great for its practicality and its look. If you are looking for blinds for aluminium bifold doors, your best option is roller blinds. This blind option is available in blackout, flame-resistant, dim-out, wipeable, and moisture-resistant fabrics. This makes roller blinds the ideal blinds for heavy-use parts of your house.

There is a wide range of shades for this blind type. There are neutral, striped, plain, or fun print shades. Depending on what your internal decor style is, you should get the best shade and roller blind type that will fit your needs.

Venetian Blinds for Bifold Doors

Venetian blinds are a practical choice for bifold doors. They add a lovely lustre to bifold doors. They are available in different textures and finishes, including metallic, pearl, and sheer. If you are going for an interior design with a hard-wearing look in your space, Venetian blinds are your best choice.

Venetian blinds are slightly thicker, leading to complete control over the amount of light that comes into your space. Although they require a lot of space when you want to lower or raise them, you can integrate this blind type into your bifold doors. You can fit them between two panels and operate via a pull cord. They are a stylish and practical choice for your bifold doors.

Vertical Blinds for Bifold Doors

Vertical blinds are suitable options for wide bifold doors because they are extensible up to 3m wide. This allows them to spread and cover up to 6m in width. Vertical blinds have their fabrics stacked to the right or left or split in the middle. They collect evenly at both ends allowing them to put the control on either the right or left so they can keep out of the way.

Vertical blinds are great at giving some flexibility. They can take shape to allow more or less light in by swivelling the fabrics to an open position other than the full opening of the blinds. They are often seen in older homes and offices.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are stylish clean and straight-line blinds that provide you with all the privacy and shade that your interior space needs. It is a great choice that helps you keep the UV rays out of your space when you do not want them. They are great for UPVC windows and patio doors. Perfect fit blinds complement aluminium bifold doors with little or zero issues.

Perfect fits blinds sit on your bifold doors with no need to drill into them. The finishing on your door is neat and versatile. There are no cords on this door blind type, making them ideal for homes with small children. You can also integrate perfect fit blinds on your bifold doors, removing the need to adjust them when you want to either open or close your bifold door.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a great option for those looking for a blend of contemporary and classic styles. They are stylish and useful for enhancing the privacy of your space. Using this blind type provides the extra level of security that you need for your space. Plantation shutters are ideal for outward-facing doors and have thicker slats in comparison with other blinds. They do not require much maintenance and retain their original look.

The thicket slats are useful features that make light filtration and privacy levels easy to adjust. This makes this blinds option more flexible to your individual requirements. They are neat, stylish with their finish, and portray your bifold doors as the main character in the room.

Intu Blinds

Intu blinds effortlessly fit into your window frames with no hassle. They are great for those that dread having to deal with excess materials and cords. Intu blinds can accommodate some level of adjustment in their height and design. This makes them a great choice for homes with young kids. This window blind type does not require any screwing or drilling.

Unlike perfect fit blinds, Intu blinds do not require their frame for fitting. The headrail clips go directly into the beading that the window frame provides. There are no overhanging materials with Intu blinds. Hence, it provides a compact finish and a perfect complement to your bifolding doors. 

Wrapping It Up

All the benefits and multi-functionality that comes with bifolding doors are perfect for blinds to complement. Using a blind together with your bifolding doors offers several benefits especially when they are specific to the bifolding door you own. The content above explains what to consider when choosing the right blinds for your bifolding doors.

Of course, privacy and beautification is usually top of the list of benefits of bifold door blinds. However, it also increases the shade in the room, is useful for keeping the room cool by blocking the sun rays and is flexible to fold back behind the door entirely.

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