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Best Blinds For French Doors

Best Blinds For French Doors

French doors are a standout piece of finishing that makes a statement in your home. As a complementary article on them, you are probably wondering what blinds are best for your French doors. The doors that lead people into different areas of your house have significant tone-setting capabilities that prepare people’s minds for what to expect next. 

For a fact, your living room can provide a social space for hosting people. It can also be your relaxing sanctuary for unwinding after a stressful day. Your French door blinds can either be an enhancer of these experiences or a hindrance you would prefer to do without. Interestingly, the handle of your French doors can get in the way of the functionality of the blinds.

For times when you want privacy and wish to control the number of prying eyes into your space, your blind choice will help you to control those effortlessly. 

This content gives you the insight you need to understand French door blinds and different ideas that would fit comfortably between decorative handles and doors. It details the best blinds for French doors and includes great recommendations. 

What are the Best Blinds for French Doors?

Style and functionality are important factors to consider when selecting a blind that suits your French door. When making your selection, you should consider the reliability of the blind type. 

The ease of use is another important factor to consider when you are selecting the blinds to use on your French doors. Blinds that are not easy to use are not recommendable. 

For the two reasons above, perfect fit blinds are the best blinds for French doors. Perfect fit blinds do not require drilling or screwing to be installed on your French doors, they are reliable and come in different blind types. They are easy to use, reliable, interchangeable, do not damage your French door.

Perfect fit blinds come in different types. We’ve laid out some top recommendations for you to consider below. 

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the top-pick recommendation if you need to have privacy in your space. They are the best at providing privacy on French doors. Roman blinds use fabric materials to create a sleek and sophisticated finish on your French doors that accentuate the period style. It is commonly known that French doors feature a property that is effective at proper insulation. Retaining this extra insulating feature with Roman blinds is possible and a good idea. 

Roman blinds are made from curtain materials and are handy to create a soft yet sophisticated finish for your French doors. Depending on the colour and shape you wish to have on your door, Roman blinds can help you create a fuller finish and add that extra cosy feel to your space. 

Roman blinds are simple and easy to use. Their material and fabric makeup are reliable and durable. This makes them a top choice if you are looking for something that will last long. Their flat construction fits well behind door handles, reducing any interference with them. If you want to showcase your artistic and interior design skills, you can achieve this with Roman shades. They pair perfectly with traditional and Mediterranean windows and doors. 

Vertical Blinds

For big windows and doors, the best choice when picking out a complementary blind type is vertical blinds. This multi-purpose blind type that seems capable to do it all is a top pick for French door types and bay windows. If your French doors offer a lot of insight into your space, vertical blinds are a good choice to help keep prying eyes out of your home. 

Another benefit of vertical blinds is their availability in extra wide width for large glass areas and doors. This is useful for getting the right blind that covers all the areas you wish to cover. You can fit them to cover sloping windows and big French doors. Opening vertical blinds is straightforward. You can tog them away to enjoy the view from your window and doors easily. There are different prints and performance designs you can choose from to match your interior. 

Vertical blinds for French doors are available in blackout, Teflon coated PVC, and moisture resistant types for use on your French doors. Make sure you are picking a colour that is complementary to your interior design and suit your design scheme for best results. Vertical blinds are reliable and easy to use. You can easily move the fabrics on vertical blinds across the rails to avoid obstruction when opening the door via its handles.

Roller Blinds

Adding a stylish property to your French doors that comes with some practicality is a great idea. Roller blinds are a perfect option for this; they come in a range of pleasant styles and fabrics. They include moisture-resistant and blackout colour options. 

Roller blinds are sleek and flexible to provide privacy and control over light. Interestingly, the control mechanism allows you to open your blinds seamlessly while rolling them away neatly into a cassette if you wish to enjoy the entirety of your door. This blind option is great for unwinding and creating the right atmosphere in your living room or bedroom area. 

Slim roller shades are capable of fitting well behind the door handles. They are also a great complement to your French door type with matching colours and patterns to match your French door and internal design scheme. As a recommendation, you should consider having two roller blinds to cover your French doors. This is because it becomes simpler to operate and more practical. 

Roller blinds are a common go-to blind choice for French doors because of their stylish and performance fabrics options. You have the option of being flexible with this blind type when selecting how to mix it up to fit into what you want for your interior. Remember that if you want to create an area that will help you relax and unwind, the answer to that is roller blinds.

In Summary

The content above covers the key factors that you should consider when choosing the blinds that are right for your French doors. It also recommends the top blinds for your French window - roman blinds, roller blinds, and vertical blinds, including insights into why these blinds are the best choice. 

There are some blinds that you should be wary of when selecting blinds for your French doors. Because you need to have blinds that are reliable and easy to use, wooden Venetian blinds are not great choices. Because of their weight and height, they can become difficult to operate which affects their reliability and longevity. 

Overall, your choice of blinds for your French doors will help you set the tone for your interior space. If you truly want to unwind privately with no prying eyes, selecting the right blinds for your French door will help you achieve just that. Refer to the recommendations above to select which one will suit your needs and make the right decision on which blinds are best for your French doors. 

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