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How do cordless blinds work?

How do cordless blinds work?

Do you want to give your rooms a chic and modern makeover? Switching to cordless blinds might take you one step closer to achieving that. For those unaware, cordless blinds, just as the name suggests are cord-free blinds for your windows and doors. Don’t get me wrong, they still have strings. But, instead of running alongside the blind slats, they interlace inside of them. Yes, it exactly means no more strings dangling around. 

If I am not too mistaken, queries like how to raise cordless blinds to how to pull down cordless blinds might be clouding your mind right now. Fret not, easy usability is one of the main highlights of cordless blinds. 

What are Cordless Blinds?

Cordless blinds are window coverings minus the standard strings that most people imagine blinds to have. They are constructed in a way to ensure light and privacy in your rooms in an effortless manner. 

If you are wondering how cordless blinds would add to the decor of your home, well, they usually do not come with over-the-top garnishes. However, their major selling point is they have a clean and sophisticated look. This is due to the elimination of unnecessary distractions swinging loosely. 

Cordless blinds are also considered one of the most versatile window treatments. This is because they can serve a variety of your purposes. It includes solar shades, blackout shades, light-filtering shades, and many more. Unlike many regular blinds, with cordless blinds, you can easily get a design that perfectly adheres to your requirements. 

Another aspect that makes cordless blinds a game changer is their safety features. These are one of your safest bets if you have little children and furry friends at home. Why? Because with no lengthy hanging strings and cords, there is no threat of choking and entanglement. Your little one and pets can play around freely to their heart’s content without you constantly having to monitor them. 

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

As mentioned earlier, these blinds do have cords that are still necessary for blinds to function. However, with them situated inside the blind rail or frame, they do not hamper the view. Hence the term cordless. 

To understand how cordless blinds work, you must know that the entire mechanism of these blinds is kept simple to give you a seamless experience. To understand how these work, you can visualise a pulley system. With a pulley, you can lift a heavy weight easily when compared to attempting to raise the object by hand. This is because pulleys that have a wheel enable you to alter the direction of your lifting energies. How? Well, by tugging the cord, the loop on the wheel, and elevating your weight. If you want to increase the amount of weight you can lift, you need more wheels as then you can wrap more rope around them. 

Ok, let’s not get carried away with pulleys now. Coming back to our present context, cordless shades typically also use a tension mechanism inside the top or the bottom rail. The strings which help the blinds to hang, dance around this system to allow you to move the covering up and down as per your liking. The only contradiction is that, unlike the traditional corded blinds, there comes a set of clips to raise and lower the blind in the case of cordless blinds.

How Do You Raise and Lower Cordless Blinds?

Operating a cordless blind is a cup of tea for everyone. There is nothing complicated there. That being said, every blind has their own special way of functioning. However, they are all united by a similar concept which is to avoid using the outdated pulling of the string technique to tilt or lift the blinds. 

Here’s how you can raise and lower cordless shades depending on the blind type you choose to buy. 

Gentle Lift Technique

You found the previous technique easy peasy, right? Wait till you discover this one. Some blinds need you to just slip your hand under their bottom rail and gently raise them to the height that you desire. And, it holds. Courtesy of the plastic tip present in the centre of the bottom rail. 

To lower the blinds, you just have to pull the lower rail down and you are done. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Spring Tension Technique

Some cordless blinds include a spring tension mechanism that operates more like a projector screen. You just have to pull the material a little in your direction and downward. And the spring inside will enable you to roll the blind to your preferred elevation. 

Quick Tip! As you see, not every cordless shade works in the same fashion. So try to confirm the technique of usage first before you go on to buy cordless blinds. Choose the one that has the raising or lowering method you are most comfortable with.

What are the Benefits of Cordless Blinds?

Corded blinds are turning into a matter of the past and cordless blinds are taking their places at a rapid pace. These window coverings are more like smart blinds. While we cannot entirely refute the corded ones, cordless blinds offer more advantages and are hence preferred in recent times. 

Here are some important benefits of cordless blinds that have contributed to their popularity:


Let's face it, corded blinds and shades are often considered hardier. But when there are too many corded blinds in a room, it gives the impression of bring more crowded than it should be. Unfortunately, with many visual breaks in the form of strings and cords, it does get slightly unappealing at times.

In contrast to that, cordless coverings offer a tidy and sleek appearance. You can easily draw your attention to the intricacies of the design and the charm of the fabric. That’s what makes the cordless blinds a winner over the corded ones. As for the variety, there is no limitation to the materials and colours. You are sure to find a type that blends with the entire vibe of your room.


Pets and children are both curious beings. Wherever they find cords and strings hanging, they can’t resist the temptation to pull them. Who knows if they even attempt to go for a swing? This childish act not just destroys the blinds but can also increase the chances of accidents like strangulation. Thankfully, with cordless window treatments, the home becomes a safer playground for our innocent and tiny family members. 


Cordless window treatment is very easy to operate and hence convenient for daily usage. However, if you feel that raising and lowering the cordless blinds by hand is difficult for hard-to-reach windows, you have a motorised option for that. They have a remote or a motorized wand to control the blinds without any pain. 


If you are thinking of purchasing cordless blinds, there are some really good options out there. They are not just elegant but long-lasting too. To be frank, the manufacturer you are choosing is also a deciding factor in this situation.

If you are going for brands that offer them at unusually low rates, then you may end up with a poor-quality blind. But, if you choose a trusted company like BlindStyle, you can get assured premium quality products. Also, there is a 4 years guarantee available on all BlindStyle products. 

Types of Cordless Blinds 

Whether you are looking for window treatments to create a cosy ambience for your bedroom or a fun vibe for your kiddie’s nursery room, there are ample options when it comes to cordless blinds. 

Venetian Cordless Blinds

Venetian shades are a popular choice for many. And why not? They give you just the right amount of light to see outside while ensuring you are not too exposed to outsiders. In short, Venetian blinds offer a perfect balance of light and privacy. 

These trendy blinds don’t just come in different colours but also vary in style and features. The most popular types of Venetian cordless blinds include aluminium (metallic) Venetian blinds, percolated Venetian blinds, and faux wood Venetian blinds. 

  • Cordless Aluminium Venetian Blinds - These cordless blinds are made of long-lasting aluminium and add glamour to your rooms. If you want a contemporary look that is very eye-catching and luxurious, Venetian blinds in matte poppy colours are a smart choice. 
  • Cordless Percolated Venetian Blinds - If you are sensitive to light and privacy is your main criterion, go for the percolated Venetian blinds. These will filter the outside light and allow you to enjoy your personal space all by yourself. Percolated Venetian blinds are the perfect strainers to overtly bright lights.
  • Cordless Faux wood Venetian Blinds - Among all the wooden blinds, faux wood is the one most in demand. This is because they give you the feel of real wood without crushing your pocket. Also, they are best for kitchens, restrooms, and other moisture-laden areas where natural materials may not last for long. 

As for their usability, these are low maintenance. They have control cords. You can use them to slant the horizontal slats to keep them partly open, close them entirely or lower or raise them as per your wish. 

Vertical Blinds 

If you have large windows and doors at home and prefer to go the classic route, vertical blinds will make a great addition to your home. They consist of vertical louvres of fabric that also provide you with the ideal blend of light and privacy. 

BlindStyle has a lot of colour choices from vibrant red and yellow to subtle cream, white and blue, and many more. The style and features include blackout, patterned, plain, textured, and waterproof. 

Roller Cordless Blinds

These types of blinds are made from fabrics that are trimmed to fit the size of your panes. Then wrapped around an aluminium tube and folded up. 

The hidden bottom bar ensures that the blinds are weighed down properly without any creases or crinkles in between. This imparts a very tidy look and also helps in the smooth handling of the blinds. From funky styles to twinning colours, the roller cordless blinds are diverse and can be a perfect fit for every room. 

Final Thoughts

Cordless blinds are a great alternative to conventionally complex blinds. However, with so many choices available, things may get a bit overwhelming for you. Consider your priorities and requirements first, and then decide on the cordless blind type that best meets your needs. You can choose from a plethora of types like Venetians, Verticals, and Rollers. Make the most of the aesthetics, safety, convenience, and quality of cordless blinds and get ready to witness a whole new look in your home.

Planning to finally pick your favourite blinds? We at Blindstyle have a wide range of free samples for you to choose from and get your chosen blinds quickly delivered right to your doorstep.

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