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How to fit blinds inside recess

How to fit blinds inside recess

As fun as it is, designing the interiors of your space can be a stressful task at times. From deciding the kinds of windows you want to choose the kind of blinds that dress them- decorating a house can come with a huge list of decisions. These choices can either pull you closer to your sense of style or push you away. Naturally, one is supposed to feel intimidated by each choice that is to be made. Whether or not your window blinds should fit inside the recess is another crucial decision. 

Fitting blinds inside recess can give your windows a very clean and organised look. And while the results seem so elegant, getting an exact fitting is equally difficult. Choosing the positioning of your blinds is one of the first few calls you have to make when picking the right blinds. This choice changes the style and measurement of blinds you can go for..

How do blinds fit inside the recess? And, if you are doing it yourself, what things do you have to be mindful of? Read ahead and let us help you find your way around it along with the many benefits of blinds fitted inside.

How to fit blinds in recess?

Fitting blinds inside recess might seem like a huge task, but it is actually pretty simple. You just have to follow the following steps and you will be able to fit the blinds in your desired position or width in no time:

  • Observe your window and determine the position in which you want the blinds to fit. If your window style has some outwardly extended obstructions like handles, then you must consider taking measurements with the obstructions in mind. 
  • If you are getting it top fixed, then you must measure the underside of the lintel. However, if the possibility is of a face fixed, the measurement should be made across the window. In the case of the latter, it is also very important to make sure that the surface is suitable for mounting blinds. 
  • Once all the measurements have been made, take the bracket, place it on the wall and mark the position of the holes. 
  • Drill holes on the markings and use screws to fasten the fixture of brackets in the wall. 
  • Now fit your blinds into the bracket. 

What is a window recess?

A window recess is also known as the window reveal. The term refers to the distance between the wall that the window is mounted on, and the window panes. When the blinds are fitted inside the recess, they sit neatly on the window frame and don’t take away from the aesthetic of your windows. 

Are blinds better inside or outside recess?

This is a question that every homeowner naturally wonders about. 

The inclusion or exclusion of recess changes all the measurements of a window pane. You need to decide where or not to include a recess in your measurements beforehand. One cannot possibly pick one blind that can fit both variations.

Should blinds be installed inside or outside the recess in different scenarios?

Can one install blinds on the inside window frame?

It is a very obvious question to ask as a homeowner. Every person has a personal sense of style, and when it comes to expressing it through the interiors of their home, people often run into functional limitations.

Gladly, installing blinds inside the recess of a window frame is a very popular choice, but you might have to consider the location of the window. Depending on the room you are styling, or contemplating whether the window opens inside the house or outside, you might have to change your choice. These choices might also change depending on the environment outside.

Will blinds fit inside my window recess?

One good part about fitting blinds inside recess is that you can order your blinds to measure. So, the case of your blinds not fitting your recess is irrelevant. Before you place the order for the blinds of your choice, you need to measure the window size inside the recess. BlindStyle can deliver your order with desired precision and required measurement. 

How much gap do you leave on inside mount blinds?

Now, that's a question that entirely depends on the style of your windows. If your window has certain outwardly projecting elements, like window handles, then you need to leave enough space for the element to sit behind the blinds without pressing on the blind. If your window pane is plain, then leaving 1-1.5” of space must be enough. 

Which blinds best suit a recess? 

Many kinds of blinds can be fitted inside the recess. However, some of them may provide you with neater and more operational results than others. Below, there’s a list of the kinds of blinds that work great inside the recess. Let’s take a look-

Venetian Blinds

BlindStyle’s Venetian Blinds can be a great option to consider if you are planning to fit the blinds inside the recess. These blinds are made of numerous slats and can easily work when fit inside the recess.

Wooden Blinds 

Only slightly different from Venetian blinds, wooden blinds are also made of horizontal slats and can be made to work using ladder tapes. Like Venetian blinds, wooden blinds work very well inside the recess. 

Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds are one of the most versatile blind styles out there. They fit almost all kinds of window styles and can work beautifully when fit inside the recess. At BlindStyle, you can find a wide variety of Roller Blinds. 

Pros, Cons, and considerations when fitting blinds inside the recess

Just like every other thing, fitting blinds inside the recess comes with its own pros and cons. Let us look at some of them and understand the things you must consider before choosing to fit blinds inside the recess:

Pros- Fitting blinds inside the recess of your window gives a neat finish to the room. The blinds can be fitted to the window frame itself and they don’t cover the elements on the window sill. This also doesn’t diminish the styling value of your windows.

Cons- One of the disadvantages is the obstruction of light. Even when completely rolled up, the blinds may still block some part of the light outside. Other times, for blinds that are shaped on the ends, some part of the light may still enter the room even when the blinds are closed. 

One of the most important things to consider, when choosing to fit blinds inside the recess, is to know the purpose of the blinds on those windows. Is the blind just a style addition? Or, are you looking to draw more functional value from it? The answers to these questions let you know everything you need to know about choosing the right Blind fitting style.

Final Thoughts

Fitting blinds inside or outside recess is a decision that only a homeowner can make. Blinds can take away the charm of your window aesthetic. To avoid covering up your window’s style, it is a good idea to fit blinds inside the recess. Fortunately, it is not a very complicated task either- you can very easily do it without the help of a professional. All you have to do is choose the right blinds from BlindStyle’s vast collection, and get to styling.

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