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How to Fit Venetian Blinds

How to Fit Venetian Blinds

You like the idea of having a window blind and you specifically want the Venetian blind for the several benefits it offers. However, the installation of the blinds seems a bit daunting and intimidating. The thoughts alone are putting you off when you think about it and you are looking for an alternative. Well, if you can relate well to all of these points and you are looking for a solution, this article is for you. 

The reality of installing window blinds is that it is much easier than you may think. When you have a step-by-step guide to follow when installing, you will be done with your installation in little to no time. Venetian blinds, in particular, need to fit in when installing them on your windows or doors to enjoy their benefits. 

This content is a handy step-by-step guide that helps you to measure and install Venetian blinds. It explains the basics of Venetian blinds, the measuring techniques you will be needing and the tools to fit Venetian blinds. With these instructions, you should have all the answers you need on how to fit Venetian blinds. 

What are Venetian Blinds?

There are different types of window blinds made for specific window types. Venetian blinds are one of these blind types. They are made with horizontal slats that have a dynamic mechanism to remove and adjust them 180 degrees for different purposes. They come in different sizes and designs, depending on what you need for your windows and patio doors. 

Venetian blinds provide the ability to control light to a greater degree via their tilting feature. They offer a larger privacy range. Wooden and aluminium Venetian blinds are the most common types of these window blinds. 

Real and faux wooden Venetian blinds are top picks for different interior designs. They come in different colours and designs. You can get your Venetian blinds in white, black, cedar or mahogany colour. There is also the option of PVC and metal-like materials, such as aluminium. Venetian blinds are top picks for bedrooms and living rooms for their natural touch. The PVC and aluminium Venetian blinds are useful for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. 

They are also great options for offices, classrooms, and open spaces that may need privacy and control of light. This blind type can create a light filtering channel where you can control how much light enters through individual slats. 

Tools you Will need to fit Venetian Slats

Before proceeding to fit your Venetian blinds, you need to get all the tools and equipment necessary. You also need to get the slats of your Venetian blinds ready and all of their installation materials. The tools you will be needing to fit your Venetian slats include:

  • Venetian blinds and their accompanying hardware in the original packaging
  • Ladder
  • Pencil
  • Cordless drill
  • Drill bit
  • Anchors
  • Level

Things to consider when installing Venetian Slats

Now that you understand the tools and materials you will be needing when you fit Venetian slats, there are important factors to consider when performing the actual installation. The first thing you need to consider is the area where you want to mount the blinds. You will need to measure the area and fix them on a window frame, wall or ceiling.

Next, you need to decide how you want to mount your Venetian blind. There are two options available to mount blinds. You either mount on the inside of the recess or outside of the recess. Mounting on the recess involves mounting your blinds on the support frame above the window or doorways frame. This mounting type provides a seamless look. It is the most common method used for blinds.

The other mounting option is the outside recess. It involves installing the blinds outside of the frame. This means it will overlap on the top and the sides of the window. This mounting type is typical with windows with large handles that might obstruct the operation of the blind. Once you decide on which mounting method you prefer, measuring and mounting is a quick and easy task. 

How to measure Venetian blinds

Measuring your window frame before mounting your window blinds is important to ensure a perfect fit. You will need a few tools like tape measurement, a piece of paper, and a pencil to take down the measurement. 

If you want to mount your Venetian blinds inside the window frame:

  • First, you need to measure the width of your window from one end of the wall to the other end. You need to carry out this measurement in three different places. The first measurement is across the top. The measurement across the middle and bottom follow suit. You need to write down all these measurements. 
  • Next, you need to measure outside of any obstructions you might encounter. These obstructions could be pictures, tiles or other objects you might encounter. 
  • You will also need to measure the top of the window across the right, to the middle, ending at the left. You need to write down these precise measurements. 
  • After measuring these different areas of your windows and wall, enter the measurements when ordering your recess to get the right size. 

In the scenario where you choose to mount the blind outside the window frame, follow the ensuing measurement steps:

  • First, measure and mark the position you wish to hang your Venetian blind. Proceed to measure the width between the two marks and take down your measurement.
  • Continue by measuring the height of your window recess starting from the point where the handrail will sit down to where the bottom of the blind will stop. This is usually at the bottom of the windowsill. 

These measurements are important for when you need to place an order for your window to get the right fit. 

Steps to Fitting Venetian Blinds

The step-to-step guide for fitting your Venetian blinds is easier all thanks to the appropriate tools and proper measurement of the window frame. Note that when you need to drill into a ceiling or concrete wall, you might need to use a power tool for the job. Below are the steps you would have to take to fit your Venetian blinds

Step 1: Mark the position of your brackets on the wall

First, you need to locate the position of the first bracket of your Venetian blind and mark out the position of its holes to be drilled on the wall. While doing this, make sure they are level. In a scenario where you are fitting the Venetian blind to a window frame, you need to first pre-drill the holes for the screws before screwing the brackets into place. 

Step 2: Align your brackets with the markings

After marking the area where you need to drill, commence drilling the area you marked and insert the wall plugs in the holes. You can use a length of wood and a spirit level to mark out the position of the second and subsequent brackets.

Step 3: Gently screw your bracket into the wall with a drill

Align the bracket over the holes on the wall and use the drill to screw gently into the wall. You can use a screwdriver to tighten the screws after the drill. 

Step 4: Clip the blinds in place

Install the hold-down clips to the window or wall and pop the bracket pin ends to the bottom rail end. Make sure your blinds are well in place and the fitting is done accurately. 

Step 5: Install Safety Device

Safety is an important part of the installation and fitting process. To install the safety device, position the safety cleat to the top rail as close as possible. Ensure that there is a gap of at least 1500 millimetres from the floor. In this position, mark and drill the holes for the screw before proceeding to tighten the screws using your screwdriver. Make a figure eight around the cleat with the cord by wrapping it around. Ensure that the cord is secure after forming the figure eight. 

Wrapping It Up

So far, you were able to read through and understand how to fit Venetian blinds for your windows and doors. We have discussed what you will be needing when you are installing and fitting your Venetian blinds on your window. This content details the tools and materials you will require to achieve a seamless installation. It further provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to fit your Venetian blinds. 

Note that if you do not like using a drill or you are not confident in your technical abilities around these tools, you do not have to worry. There is always the option of perfect fit Venetian blinds, which do not require you to directly drill any hole in your windows with drills or using any other tools. They directly mount on window frames using brackets that go between the glass and rubber. This simple installation method allows you to do so without depending on your power tools.

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