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How to measure for Roller blinds

How to measure for Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a tough contender for being the best type of window blinds for your home. They look neat and sophisticated and can be a great addition to any space. Be it the charm of Floral Roller blinds or the sleep-boosting Blackout Roller blinds, you are all set. However, before you set off to dress your windows with the perfect window blinds, you need to precisely measure for roller blinds. This will ensure the ideal finished appearance that you are looking for. 

How to measure for roller blinds is probably a question bugging you right now. The good news is, the process is not as hard as it sounds. This blog will guide you through all the minute details and help you get accurate markings. And then all you will need to do is trust BlindStyle to curate the perfect made-to-measure roller blinds for you. 

How Do I Know What Size Roller Blinds To Get?

The decision on what size roller blind to go for comes down to the way you want your blinds to hang. Wondering why? Well, the measurement techniques for your blinds are directly related to your preference. And the choice you get is between an inside recess (inside mount) and an exact size (outside mount). 

In case of an inside recess, the blind is connected to the lintel and rests inside the window recess. The drop stays above the sill bestowing a much tidier appearance to your panes. In contrast, an exact size blind fits outside of the window recess and instead hangs from the wall. Due to the overlapping, the blinds end up enclosing the entire window and the recess. 

There is no doubt that a recess fit looks more aesthetically pleasing. And hence, it is a more favoured route that the majority of homeowners take. But, do check whether window handles or any other ornaments get in your way. An outside recess fit is equally effective when it comes to getting the most out of the blinds. In fact, you can go for it if you want to conceal any unattractive window features that’s been bothering you. For complete privacy and blocking of light, blackout blinds placed outside the recess are the best route. But you must be cautious of radiators and other fixings around a recess when going for an outside recess fit.

Steps to measure for inside recess

  • You need to take measurements of the overall width of your window. Start the process from the top. Use the sides of the window recess as your reference guide.
  • As there has to be a total of three measurements, move to the middle one and then finally to the base. 
  • Once you have all the markings, consider the narrowest measurement as your final marking. 

When you measure blinds for the height, that is from the lintel to the sill, start from the left, and go to the right. Then select the smallest one as the height of your drop. 

Steps to measure for outside recess

  • The measuring steps are pretty straightforward in this regard. Begin to measure the width from the top. After that, add around 120 mm to the readings. 
  • Then measure the middle and the bottom and again add 120mm to each of the markings. Consider the smallest measurement as the final one. 

For the drop, measure from the top where the blind will sit to the length up to which it will hang. The drop can go below the sill. Just check for obstructions inside, if any. 

How Much Smaller Should The Blinds Be Than The Window?

Having accurate made-to-measure roller blinds can make a huge impact. They will ensure you the ideal combination of external light plus privacy. They will also make your home soothing to the eyes. 

The type of blinds you choose determines the gap you need to keep on either side. For an inside mount, the filtration of light will be slightly more than that in an outside mount. The explanation lies in the space required to mount brackets without hindering the work process of the blind. 

When the blind size doesn’t get measured well, it often diminishes their ability to function smoothly. We make the necessary deductions. It usually is around ½ inch less than the markings provided. But you need not worry about those while measuring the width of the windows for the roller blinds. We will make adjustments to your final measurements to suit your purposes. As mentioned before, just measure the top, centre, and bottom the same way and send us the shortest measurement. But, remember to take readings from all the individual windows. It would be a mistake to think two windows are of the same size. 

Top Tip: Please note that there are no specific rules for mounting the roller blinds on the windows. A lot is based on how you want the blinds to look and perform. 

How Do You Measure A Roller Blinds Width?

When it comes to fitting the blinds outside the recess, you should consider the entire width with your tape measure. This is because the sizes of controllers and brackets are included in the total width. It is around 34mm more than the fabric width for most blinds. For day and night roller blinds, it is even more, around 43mm. So while placing the order you need to be accurate with the measurements. Choose the “exact size” option to get the perfect roller blinds including the bracket-to-bracket size. Go for the “inside recess” option if you do not want the exact size. 

For measuring the width of the window recess you normally measure across the top, middle and bottom and take the smallest measurement. If there is an obstruction (such as tiles) then you measure the gap between the obstructions and use that amount. Definitely should not take the top measurement even if the difference is less than 30mm. And if you choose inside recess we will make the necessary deductions so they don't have to subtract anything 

How Much Depth Do You Need For Roller Blinds?

The depth of the window frames is an important number that answers various questions. But it is most crucial to determine whether you can go for an inside mount or not. 

Each blind type comes with its very own minimum depth requirement. For the roller shades, the depth needed is around 5 centimetres. However, considering depth while measuring for the made-to-measure roller blinds does not end there. You also have to take note of the obstacles (if any) that may cause hindrances in the smooth running of the blinds. Any object jutting out within your window frame should be applicable for scrutiny. Some common obstructions include window hardware like latches, handles, etc. 

If yours do not satisfy the above criteria, you can select a different blind type for the inside mount. However, there’s still an option open for those who want to stick to their favourite roller blinds. And that is, to go for an outside mount. Here the blinds are not mounted inside the window frame. So, it demands no minimum depth requirement. 

However, before making the final call about the blind fitting, we would suggest you consider how the blinds will look after installation. This is because, at times, the minimum depth requirement does not come with a guarantee. You may still face issues while setting the entire structure inside. For instance, the headrail and the valance may peek out from the window frame and give you a hard time. It is more common when the frame just barely meets the minimum depth needs. 

Do Blind Measurements Include Brackets?

If you want recess-fit roller blinds, we need you to give us the width and the drop of the window recess. That is the measurements from the top to the base and then from wall to wall. Some subtractions need to be made to account for brackets. But we will handle it and present you with top-quality roller blinds that sit perfectly inside the recess. 

For exact-fit-roller blinds outside the window recess, we do not make adjustments. And this applies both for the width and drop measurements. An exact fit includes the bracket-to-bracket measurements. Here your blinds will be made as per the exact size you have provided us. 

Final Thoughts

Roller blinds, whether mounted inside or outside, are a pure delight to witness when they seamlessly merge with most decors. Like all our fitting blinds, if measured perfectly, they can bring a complete makeover to your rooms. BlindStyle can provide you with finished products that are tailor-made as per your needs. We only require precise measurements from you to help us. If you follow the above-mentioned guidelines, you are all set for a new makeover with your new roller blinds.
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