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How to measure for Vertical blinds

How to measure for Vertical blinds

Looking for an effortless upgrade to the current state of windows in your home? Switching the existing blinds with your favourite vertical blinds might work. They are classics but never fail to cater to your modern aesthetic needs. Their excellent light coverage also lets you enjoy your privacy in peace. However, to make the most out of them, it is essential to get perfectly fitted blinds. 

We try to make fine made-to-measure vertical blinds in the UK. But we need your help with accurate window measurements. The tricks on how to measure windows for vertical blinds are very simple. However, you may have to tweak some steps depending on the type of windows you have, and the kind of mount you prefer.

Worried about getting the perfect recess measurement, width measurement, and getting other accurate measurements? Don't be. Here is a how-to-measure for vertical blinds guide for you. Let's dive into the specifics of both inside mount and outside mount vertical blinds. 

Basic Measuring Tips 

Whether you are measuring for a plain vertical blind or thinking of dressing your windows with textured or patterned vertical blinds, knowing the basic measuring rules always makes the process easy. So, before you get started, here are some general measuring guidelines for you. 

  • Always use a steel tape measure. They are much more accurate in comparison to fabric measuring tapes.
  • The height and width measurements might seem confusing, especially if it is your first time measuring windows. Therefore, we suggest you use the width-by-height format. Also, label them as W x H. This will prevent mixing the two readings. 
  • Measure to the closest  ⅛ inch to get even the narrowest measurement right. Avoid rounding the readings to half or whole inches to get an exact size to make the blinds fit perfectly.
  • Windows usually do not come in exactly the same size. So, taking readings from each individual window is highly recommended. The difference may not seem much at the beginning but even slight variations may add up and result in a complete size mismatch. 

Things to Consider Before Measuring

There are two methods to measure your windows for vertical blinds as per mounting requirements. It could be for large windows or patio doors as well. One is the inside mount and the other is the outside mount. An inside mount is usually the preferred choice when you make for a perfect recess fit. This is because measuring blinds as per the window recess impart a clean clutter-free look inside your home. They are also energy efficient. However, an inside mount requires enough space for the vertical blind to set. So you must consider the depth of the windows by taking exact measurements. 

Outside mounts, on the other hand, are appropriate for patio doors and balcony doors. They also look great on sliding doors. We recommend outside mount blackout vertical blinds for people who prefer high levels of light control and privacy. 

Outside vertical blinds also help conceal unattractive window features. Not to forget, they also make the size of your small windows look larger than they actually are.

The Tools You Need To Measure Vertical Blinds

To take even the shortest measurement like a pro, the following tools may prove handy. 

  • Steel measuring tape
  • A measuring worksheet to refer to
  • Pencil/ pen
  • Paper
  • Step ladder (for windows that are too high for your normal reach)

Pro Tip: Keep all the equipment within arm’s reach beforehand. This will not only quicken the entire process but will also enable you to avoid distractions while taking an accurate measurement. 

How To Measure For Inside Recess Vertical Blinds? 

Made-to-measure inside vertical blinds are designed to get mounted inside the frame of the windows. When it comes to the opening measurements, we request you send us the exact readings. Our experts will make the required adjustments to ensure that the vertical blinds you receive perfectly fit your windows.

Here’s a step-by-step measuring guide for inside vertical blinds:

  • Take the measuring tape and carefully measure how deep your window frame is. This step is crucial to understand whether you can go for an inside mount or not. We suggest a minimum of 135 mm for slats of 127 mm. For 89 mm slats, the opening must be at least 97 mm. 

Remember to take note of obstructions such as window openers, door handles, etc., and ensure to add their measurements while placing the order. We need to understand that you need to take exact proportions for us to prepare vertical blinds that will run smoothly after they are fitted.  

  • Now you should concentrate on finding the width of the opening. In this case, you have to note down the reading at the top.
  • The next step is to calculate the height of the window opening. This time, you need to measure them thrice- at the left, the middle, and the right. Jot down the smallest reading because that is what you need to send us.
  • After that, decide which end you prefer to have the wand or the chain. If you want our opinion, you should go for the side that is clear of obstacles and easier to access. 
  • In the end, double-check the readings to avoid mistakes. Remember to follow the width-by-height format all the time.

How To Measure For Outside Recess Vertical Blinds?

Outside-mounted vertical blinds are those that are set on the wall above your window frame. Having side trimmings is a requirement to avoid curious eyes. However, if your windows do not come with trimmings we would recommend that you add around 4 inches to the edges. We won't encourage mounting the blinds on the trim as it is not a good place to put vertical blinds. 

Here’s a step-by-step measuring guide for outside vertical blinds:

  • Determine the type of vertical blinds you want to go for. You need to ensure that there is enough flat area to position the mounting hardware. 
  • If there are no trims, add around 4 inches on both ends of the structure. Jot down the additions and then measure the distance between them in a straight line. 
  • Check the height required to accommodate the blind. Work from the bottom and slowly go upwards. If your window sill juts out, measure 3 inches past the top of the opening from the sill. This will give sufficient room for the mounting hardware. 
  • For those windows without a protruding sill, begin roughly 2 inches underneath the sill for optimal coverage. Then calculate 3 inches over the window opening to allow space for mounting. 
  • Double-check the measurements using the width-by-height format. 

Final Thoughts 

Made-to-measure vertical blinds are a great addition to any home. And with our top-notch quality, we offer you nothing but the best. Our detailed finishes together with environment-friendly material make us stand out from the rest. For instance, our waterproof vertical blinds can survive even in heavily moisture-laden rooms. So, if you are looking for the best vertical blinds for your home, try Blindstyle.

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