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Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
How To Pick The Best Blackout Blinds For Your Home

How To Pick The Best Blackout Blinds For Your Home

The ability to control how much light fills your space at any time is something everyone should have. Several light filtering options grant you this ability. Among them are blinds, curtains, and bi-folding doors. Selecting which of these you want in your space depends on a couple of factors.

Window blinds offer a combination of light control and privacy for your home. There are different window blinds types with distinct benefits to their users. This content will help you make informed choices when deciding between the available window blinds options for your space. It also explains how to choose the best blackout blinds for your bedroom and other parts of your home. Continue reading to get a full understanding of the best blackout blinds for you.  

Which Blinds are Best for Blackouts?

Blackout blinds are ideal for creating a dark environment conducive to sleep and help you manage the light filtering into your room. For your windows, blinds are compact and allow you to maximize internal space. This is great for small rooms where you need to utilize all the available space you can get. 

Window blackout blinds are also great for managing and allowing enough light to enter your space when you need it. Using your blinds this way gives you the control and management of light infiltrating your space at any given time. By managing the light coming into your space this way, you control how spacious your room will look at any given time. 

Blackout window blinds are versatile for styling and can fit most internal decor schemes. Different blackout blind types provide the flexibility of adding stylish design and versatility to how the blinds fit into your space. 

Ultimately, the sleekness of blinds makes it easy to modernize homes by fitting perfectly into any window ideas you might have for your interior space. Irrespective of which interior design you are going for, there are specific window blinds that will help you bring your idea to life.

Black Out Blinds Vs Curtains

Blinds take up less wall and floor space. Unlike curtains, they are compact and flexible to fit into the design scheme and available space. If you are thinking about how to manage your small space, blinds are a better option to optimise your window area while still achieving the design you want for your room. 

If you have a multi-functional bi-folding door in your space, choosing to use blinds over curtains is the best option. This is due to the designs of bi-folding doors and the compatibility that window blinds provide. We do not want our curtains hanging and hindering the bi-folding doors in any capacity. 

In comparison to curtains, blackout blinds are better at controlling the amount of light entering your room. Where curtains offer fewer options, blackout blinds grant you the ability to control how much light you allow at once. You can have a pitch-black room at noon with the help of your blackout blinds over your windows.

Window blinds allow for flexible styling. You can use tapes with blinds to match the design style you want for your space. Together with its compactness and flexibility with your design choice, the right blinds should fit into your windows and bi-folding doors perfectly. 

Another comparison between blackout blinds and curtains is available via the table below

Blinds Curtains
Durability Can maintain their look and style for more than 10 years Sunlight can affect colour saturation. Plus, it’s susceptible to wear and tears
Styles & Colours Comes in a wide range of materials, styles, and colours Also comes in a wide range of materials, styles, and colours
Cost Varies but is generally cheaper than curtains Needs to be replaced more often than blinds, depending on the materials and style
Maintenance Low maintenance. Can be wiped or dusted depending on the material High maintenance. Needs to be drycleaned or serviced.

Benefits of Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds pack several benefits for their users. Their main benefit is their exceptional light control and increased privacy for your space. These blinds also provide stylish and colourful elements to your home. Other benefits of blackout blinds include:

Increase in Quality of Sleep

Several people are not able to sleep because of an unconducive sleep environment. If you are in this category of people, then you need one of the available blackout blinds. Blackout blinds can help to improve the quality of your sleep drastically because they help to provide a dark room that fosters a natural sleeping area. It is also useful for controlling your sleep cycle and schedule. 

By blocking out 100% of the light infiltrating your space through your window, you can knock out at set schedules whenever you choose. You do not have to worry about bright lights disrupting your sleep. 

Privacy and Light Control 

Big windows and bi-folding doors may be a big challenge if you have any installed in your space. However, blackout blinds can help you fix this with their light out and privacy feature. Depending on which challenge you are dealing with, there are specific blackout blinds that provide a solution. Either from the flood of light that comes in through your big windows or the compatibility with your bi-folding doors, blackout blinds fix these challenges easily. 

Types of Blackout Blinds you should consider

You should be aware of the different blackout blinds available to you. The information below about specific blinds explains how they solve specific problems you might be experiencing.

Roller Blackout Blinds

The roller blackout window blind option is one of the common blind types in the market. It features rollable fabric that rolls up into a cassette. If you are looking for a compact and fashionable blackout blind for complementing your modern and contemporary interior design scheme, roller blackout blinds are your best option. Irrespective of the colour and design scheme you are following for your space, roller blinds have colours and complementary patterns that fit. 

Roller blinds work well for windows with their roll-in and roll-out mechanism. Their design allows you to fold them out to cover the window area you wish to cover. They fold back in to create a stylish look when they are not in use. 

Roman Blackout Blinds

Roman blackout blinds are ideal for large and spacious areas where you want to create an elegant atmosphere. If you are looking for how to save on your energy consumption bills, an unconventional solution is by using roman blackout blind. You see, this blackout blinds option offers thermal properties that trap heat inside its materials during the winter period. This helps to keep you and your family warm during the cold period of the year. 

Consequentially, it helps to repel heat during the summer period of the year. This thermal property alone will help you to save on your energy bills and provide beautification to your room. This blind type comes in a range of plain and pattern fabrics with distinct and vibrant colours that complement a variety of interior finishings. 

Vertical Blackout Blinds

Do you love how big bay windows illuminate your space with light rays and make them vibrant during the sunrise period? Well, you probably would need some privacy period at some point of the day. If you already have a large window or bi-folding door, you might be looking for a blind type that will help you control and manage the light entering your space. 

The answer to your search is vertical blackout blinds. This option is best for bay windows, bifold and patio doors. This option is sorted after because it does not interfere with your windows in any way until you need to manage the light coming into the room. They are suitable vertical vanes that block out light. 

In comparison to other blinds, vertical blackout blinds are easier to clean and maintain. Its vertical vanes do not collect dust and stains as much as horizontal blinds. You will not have to worry about light or deep cleaning your vertical blinds as often required by other blinds. 

Overall, vertical blackout blinds are great for individuals who want to add privacy and control lights coming in through their doors and windows. They are the best choice if you want blackout blinds that require low maintenance suitable for tall windows. 

Skylight Blinds

Skylight blinds are another option you should consider for your window. This option is available for Fakro, Velux, Dakstra, and Rooflite skylight windows. It features a side rail that hangs the fabric from hanging down. This multi-functional rail also prevents light from siping through the edges of your blinds. Thereby creating a complete blackout experience for your space. 

This blind option is ideal for your bedrooms that exposes you to bright lighting. It provides the ideal sleeping environment for those that struggle to get some because of excessive light. The blackout fabric features thermal properties that prevent heat loss via high windows. During peak summer months, it keeps the heat out by closing the blinds. It does vice versa during the winter period thereby helping you reduce your energy consumption bill. 

Day & Night Blinds

Another worthy blind you should consider for your windows is day & night blinds. This option offers a blackout option but not for the entire blind. It features two fabric layers laid on top of one another. The layers offer alternating voile and opaque fabrics. Its control mechanism lowers one end of the blind while raising the other layer in the opposite direction. This helps you adjust the amount of light that enters your room at every point of the day. 

This blind type is ideal for individuals who want the best control option for filtering light. The two different fabric provides the option to let light in when you want it or completely block out light when you need to rest. This multi-functionality allows you to control light and privacy to your desire without having to fiddle between curtains and window dressings. It is a great blind option for your bedroom, office space, and living room.

Wrapping It Up

The main benefit of choosing blackout blinds for your home and office is their exceptional control of light and increased privacy. These blinds are a great styling option for your interior design with their different plain and pattern control for your internal furnishing. The content above explains why you should choose blackout blinds for your home and office, the difference between blinds and curtains, and the different blackout blinds options for your consideration. 

Blackout blinds have several benefits to your interior design scheme. Asides from light control and privacy, they help to aid your sleep quality, an extra layer of design for your space, and are compact for any window type. Selecting the right blackout type is important to enjoy all the benefits highlighted so far. With the content above, you should consider getting a blackout blind. 

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