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Kitchen blind ideas that add style

Kitchen blind ideas that add style

If you don't want splashes from the cans leaving stains on your expensive blind fabrics (and heart), I am here to rescue you. The choices of durable fixtures and their materials are crucial when it comes to wet environments like kitchens.  The blinds that you choose to invest in should require far little maintenance to be worth that investment. 

Keeping a tab on everything from the blind type and material to its colours can be daunting. Read along to know everything from the best blinds for kitchen windows over the sink to modern kitchen blinds ideas. I am here to tell you what parameters to keep in mind before picking the ultimate blinds for your kitchen.

What kitchen blind styles to avoid? 

The biggest challenge when finding the right blind material for a permanent space in your kitchen is water. From vapours from the stew boiling on the stove to actual splashes of it from the sink. Anything made of materials that can absorb water can lead to a lot of inconveniences for you.

Let's try to understand how 3 of the most popular blind choices are the worst 3 choices for a kitchen:

  • Real wood blinds come with a great texture and are a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms. However, dry wood tends to absorb water. This results in swelling, warping, and fungal developments on the blinds.
  • It is the easiest to attract permanent stains on Roman blinds. From water stains to dust collection, roman blinds with their thick fabrics can be a bad choice for your kitchen.
  • Non-waterproof roller blinds are one of the most convenient picks for their elegant outlook. However, when chosen for a moisture-rich environment like a kitchen, you need to be cautious with your choice of fabric. These blinds in a kitchen with a natural or thick fabric will discolour, warp, and rot even before you realise it.

looks like we have established real wood, roman, and non-waterproof roller blinds for the kitchen aren't the best ideas. So, what can be the best blinds for your kitchen windows? Let's explore this further.

Best blinds to use for your kitchen

It is no secret that the tough kitchen environment demands a tougher and more reliable blind. There are a few major factors that you need to remember when picking the one for you. The material you choose must be easy to wipe and wash. It should be waterproof and must let you control light and air. Ventilation is a primary concern in kitchens, especially if you are a fan of Asian cooking. Blinds that are too rigid in their frames or fabrics can be suffocating after a point. Apart from the convenience aspect of it, the aesthetic aspect has a lot of roles to play as well. It can be a very subjective choice. One must choose a blind type based on what they expect from them to add to their kitchen visually.

These parameters are there to guide you at every step. Here are a few handy options to consider for your kitchen makeover:

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blind is the finest choice that there could be for a kitchen with all its challenges. First, the design of the blind along with several movable slats is excellent for controlling light and ventilation. Second, aluminium blinds and waterproof faux wood blinds are great choices. You will never have to worry about rusting, rotting, or warping before cleaning them.

These blinds come in a variety of elegant styles that can add a unique charm and grace to your kitchen space. Whenever in doubt, go for faux wood Venetian blinds or aluminium Venetian blinds to save the day. The variety and demand for Venetian blinds in white are huge too but it depends on how good you are with maintenance. 

Vertical Blinds

What better option than Vertical blinds which are one of the easiest to clean and maintain? These are often made in vinyl or dust-repellent fabrics. These are a great option for larger kitchen windows also. You can always fill the kitchen with a lot of natural light as well. Stay ahead of all possible water fears with vertical blinds in a waterproof material. It makes a very unified impression on the people and is usually massive so it has a grand luxe feel to itself as well.

You can pick from a lot of fabric choices. Considering the popularity of these blinds, you can expect to either go the classic way with solids or go all over the top with prints. Not a lot of blinds let you experiment at that level.  

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds when chosen in waterproof and wipe-clean options can be a huge benefit for your kitchen. It is one of the most convenient options that lets you control light and ventilation. With waterproof fabrics to take care of your kitchen sink and cooking station, you can consider these in a heartbeat. With the rollers firmly mounted on the window recess or outer top, the rest of it is very convenient.

You can pick from endless colour and pattern options as well. The advantage of experimentation with roller blinds is even more than the former. With such high demand among people, brands maintain endless colours, prints, and patterns in fabrics for roller blinds. As long as the material you choose is waterproof and compliments your kitchen interiors, your kitchen is in the right hands.

Making use of patterns and prints

Let’s admit it, we find it hard to go bold when it comes to bedrooms and living rooms. With the pressure to fit in a more elegant or cosy mood board, families don’t prefer to go overboard. The insecurity of introducing too feminine, masculine, or loud print always lurks behind. Your husband might not be okay with a floral pattern but with a shared space like a kitchen, you can go far ahead than neutrals. 

Add character to your kitchen by adding several prints and patterns to your blinds. You can go from line arts to geometrics, solid colours to patterns. This can add a lot of visuals and aesthetics to your entire kitchen decor. Whether it is contrasting colours or breaking the monotony with a pattern, this slightly bold change can make a huge difference.

Kitchen Blind Ideas

There can be a lot of options available in the market. When heading out to pick the best blinds for kitchen windows, you have to be clear about your kitchen’s aesthetics. Try to align each part of the home with the others and kitchens are no exceptions. Yet there is a lot of room for options based on budgets, taste, and convenience.

Our top 3 modern kitchen blind ideas are:

  1. Add colour to kitchen blinds: The best form of experimenting with kitchen blinds is to try a pop of colour. It could be anything from oranges in a cream palette to a unified colour tone. If you want to go in a little more trendy direction, you can always try the latest hype for soothing pastels. If nothing works out, a solid dark shade like black or grey will always stand tall to save you from choosing a louder shade. With this, you can also go lighter on the rest of the kitchen. It can save you a lot of effort (and money).

  2. Choose a pattern/print: A kitchen is always a busy space, especially with guests coming over. One great tip to hide the attention from a blind's usability factor is to make it a centre of attraction. This is the most underrated way of elevating a space. Since it is a refreshing trend for kitchens, you should totally try it as there is a huge range to pick from. While a pattern can be a break from regular kitchens, a fabric print can surely make it look like art to elevate the place. These made-to-measure blinds can offer some very interesting kitchen window treatments. If you want your open-plan kitchen to feel like the heart of the home with a pop of colour to be its focal point, a bold pattern could be an obvious choice. 

  3. Try a top-down kitchen blind: A fairly new entry in the world of kitchen blinds in a range of colours. This variant lets you control the placement of the blind on your window. It can be moved from top to bottom and you can stop it wherever you want it to. All you need to do is to pull it down to remove it from the mountain rail and it lets you choose your own placements. A great pick if you don’t want to block light entirely.

Final Thoughts

Kitchens are those underrated parts of our houses that come with a huge potential to unleash. There is a lot of room for experimentation and trying out new styles of bespoke blinds. From bold prints to crazy patterns, pop of trendy colours to your classic picks, you can choose to make a statement or a cohesive look with a huge range available. While real wood or roman blinds might not be great choices for your kitchen, Venetian blinds, Vertical blinds, and Roller blinds in vinyl, faux wood, and PVC blinds can be game changers. While you experiment with your own personal style, stay clear about getting a moisture-resistant fabric at all costs. Trust me, it will save you a lot of frustrating clean-ups later, and you will be sorted. Get ready to be extremely pleased with your made to measure blinds which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth while they add depth and colour to your space far better than age-old curtains.

Don’t forget to order your free samples of made-to-measure best blinds from a classy range of colours, prints, and patterns for kitchens at Blindstyle for a trusted sense of design. Our friendly customer service team are happy to assist.

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