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Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
The easiest way to remove Roller blinds

The easiest way to remove Roller blinds

Do you know, I could teach you the easiest way to remove a roller blind in one line? That would be, just reverse the order of its instruction manual. Guess what? I also know that you probably threw that manual away ages back. Well, don't worry because in this guide you will learn the simplest method to taking down roller blinds, manual free.

Closing the roller blind

The most popular kind of roller blinds is the Standard Roller, a very convenient window dressing. First thing first, you have to pull the cord to close the blinds and make them roll up to their original closed position. This makes handling the blind very easy even if you are doing it alone. Otherwise, the blinds keep moving back and forth and there is a high chance of the fabric getting crumbled.

Removing the child safety clip

If your blinds have a pulley chain, there is a possibility that there is a p-chain-like child safety clip screwed inside the wall on one of the sides. Child safety devices are essential to help the blinds sit securely or to get the blinds open. Use a screwdriver to unscrew it and swing open the blind freely. It would be a bummer if you manage to take down the blinds heroically only to find that it is still attached to the wall, on the opposite end, inhibiting your movement. This will be the last step in removing blinds.

Assessing your brackets and removing the roller

Once your path to removing roller blinds is clear, you need to determine the kind of mounting bracket your blind possess. If you are wondering which bracket type your roller blind has, there are essentially two kinds of brackets when it comes to roller blinds, namely:

1. Pin 

  • Here, you will spot a pin inside the blind casting.
  • It is usually on the other side of the cord and ideally pushes against the bracket.
  • You simply have to push and lift the casting in a way that it pushes against the pin and comes off the roller. 

2. Plastic wheel

  • In the case of standard roller shades, you will spot a ring on one side of the spool (the cylinder used to roll the fabric). It is also called a disc or a safety clamp.
  • You can easily pull the mechanism towards yourself to spot the wheel under one of the brackets. 
  • Find it on the top corner of the blinds (either of the two), ideally placed on the opposite end of the cord.
  • All you have to do is rotate the casting anti-clockwise. You will hear the wheel click. This will allow you to gently remove the roller from your bracket.

Removing the brackets

After you have lifted down the roller, you will only be left with the brackets holding on to the wall or in the recess of the window. All you need is a flathead screwdriver. Just unscrewing the two brackets will make them come off easily, taking you closer to completely removing your window blinds.

Final Thoughts

If you see it in a way, this essentially was just a 4-step process. Close the blinds, remove the child safety lock, remove the roller, and remove the brackets. It was that simple.

Hopefully this detailed guide could help you finally take charge to remove those old roller blinds. You may either wash them to make them new again or replace them with a more trendy version. Before you apply yourself to tasks like blind panelling or screw holding, make sure that you understand how the blinds roll, on which side the pin end is, and unscrew the other bracket while you stand on one side. You hopefully won't leave your blinds in half open position before you take them off the window sill. 

Now that you are removing those old roller blinds, Blindstyle has a whole new range of trendy options for you to consider. Our team ensures excellent customer support for a smooth transition.

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