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Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
Order before December 5th to have your blinds before the New Year! 🎆
5 Living room blinds ideas

5 Living room blinds ideas

Is that old living room window giving you a hard time? Not sure how to style your window dressing in a way that can liven up your living room? One can never see enough inspiration when redecorating living rooms. No matter how much we deny it, deep down all of us want to impress our guests. It often gets very hard to keep up with the trends. With our experience, we know the latest styles that work for most decors and make an instant difference to your home. No matter whether you want to go a high-end way or you want a budget spruce-up that can make a major impact, here are our 5 ideas for turning your living room space into an everyday habitat with the right blinds.

Add Contemporary Flair with Venetian Blinds

Do you want a living room that emits a contemporary vibe with hardly an effort made? Venetian blinds have been an evergreen choice for their sleek and glossy finishes. You can go crazy with the varieties that this type has to offer. From excellent budget options to exclusive one-of-a-kind colours and pieces, you can let your heart go all out. 

A great advantage of Venetian blinds is how quickly you can set them up. People often like a luxurious but soft look to their living rooms with a romantic vibe to them. Shades like a pearlised finish or marble whites can make a great difference. If there lies an artist in you who wants to go bold, you can even go with a vibrant red or any other statement colour. For owners with a slightly neutral taste, neutral colour schemes can also add a great edge to your space. 

Go with Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

If your living room has large bay windows or even doors, vertical blinds are a versatile option that suits all needs. Whether it is a floor-to-ceiling window or a whole curve of bay windows, vertical blinds will be our top recommendation. A massive advantage is that you can easily control the light coming into the living room. This is a major concern as you wouldn’t want your guests getting discomforted by the sun’s direct glare in the middle of tea. You can also play with trendy prints and changing designs.

Get all the privacy you want with wooden blinds

If there is one thing that never goes out of style, especially for living rooms, it would be wooden blinds. This might cost you slightly higher than the others but nothing can match the textures, class, and timelessness of wood. Not just that, it is also a practical solution whether you can rotate the blind slats to control light. If you don’t wanna go through a lot of options, consider this as your safest and classiest winning bet.

Add Elegance with Lounge shutters

If we had to guess your first thought on reading lounge shutters, it would be, ‘aren’t they meant for older houses?’. On the contrary, lounge shutters are an excellent way to add charm and character to your living room. These are practically your best friend with neat shutters fixing your space up. An elegant way to get more access to natural light with sunlight bouncing off the high-quality white louvres. A hint of vintage vibe never hurt anybody. Plus, light golden sun rays bouncing off the rims of your guests’ tea cups would be a sight to behold nonetheless.

Keep Things Simple with Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are by far the most versatile blinds that you must have stumbled upon in almost every list. These are hands down the easiest to maintain and come in endless finishes. If you have already used a roller blind before, you can even go a step ahead and try them in patterns this time. If colour is coordinated well, patterns can be a real game changer. A well-dressed budgeted living room, what more can one ask for?

Final Thoughts

These will be our top recommendations for a class-apart living room decor with blinds. You will find something across these 7 options that fall under your taste, budget, and mood for playing with colour and pattern. While pirouette shades sound like a fairly new (nonetheless exciting) option, wooden blinds and roller blinds are slightly safer, traditional, and more affordable bets. Based on your living space vibe and your taste, you can always layer the blinds with curtains or let them steal the show alone as well. With this, I can’t wait to see how you revamp your living room like a pro.

Order yourself free samples from us at Blindstyle to help you visualise the colours and feel the textures better throughout this experimentation process. 

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