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50+ Bay Window Ideas to Enjoy That Beautiful View

50+ Bay Window Ideas to Enjoy That Beautiful View

Picking out the right combination of design schemes for your window and complimentary blinds can be a hassle. Tinkering over how to combine different colours and styles to fit into your space takes time, creativity, and a higher level of ideation. If you are reading this article, you must be in search of bay window ideas for your space. Congratulations! You have come to the right place. 

As it concerns bay windows, some ideas that are worthy of your consideration. These ideas are unique and sure to make your bay window area be a complementary part of any room it is in your house. This article highlights supplies ideas that are easy for you to try out to beautify your space. These ideas provide suggestions and recommendations on how to style your bay window and beautify your space.

What to Put In a Bay Window

Bay windows are multi-functional because of the different ways you can style them. There are several different ideas you can apply to your large bay window. You can decide to leave it empty if you want light rays to flood into your working or reading space. You can consider applying blinds to be able to control and filter the light beam entering your space. You can also key into your creative side and match different objects to make your bay window stand out in your room.

In this spirit, below are some of the bay window ideas you should consider for your space:

Ornate Detailing

Ornate detailing around the top of your bay window gives the space a stunning appearance. You can pair this up with a lounging chair to your bay window area for your relaxation, reading a book, and enjoying the sunshine. 

Roman Blinds with Matching Couch

Roman blinds are a great addition to your bay window with a colour that matches any couch choice that you decide to put in that space. Blinds can also help you reduce the amount of light entering through your window while you enjoy a movie during the day.

Dining Area With Padded Cushion and Single Chairs

The dining area in your house can have a padded cushion that covers the length of the bay window. This also included dome pillows, dropping lights and cool-coloured roman blinds.

Add a Feminine Touch

Painting your bedroom is a nice way of showcasing your femininity in your bedroom. You can also add Venetian blinds to the window. You can proceed to add a pink chair by the vanity, pink pillows and a pink doona cover to your bed. Regal blue chest matches the bed head if you are considering these colours. This bay window idea will be great for ladies or guest bedrooms.

Classic Neutral Colour Palette

Using a neutral colour palette for the furniture in your bay window space improves the look and feel. You can keep it simple with a single chair in the bay window area. You can also complement it with a little coffee table on the side. This arrangement adds an upholstered style to the lounges in the room. 

Some cushions are a great addition to the lounge with a few little tables to invigorate the decor. This area can serve as a place to put a drink and fluffy rug.

Add Some Personalisation

Turning your bay area into your family space is something you should not have to struggle to achieve. You can achieve this by adding some family photos, especially if it is a half bay window that does not extend to the ground. You can also add a cute floor vase for aesthetics.

Go Bold with Rich Colours

The advantage of the focal point aspect of your bay window by using interesting patterns and colour-rich materials like a fluffy pillow to decorate it. You can include bookshelves on both sides of the window.

Turn It To a Reading Nook

You can use your bay window as a backup for a cosy reading nook. You can pair this up with a comfortable armchair and a few hanging and floor plants around. 

Keep Things Simple

You can use only thick curtains and sheers with no seating area to simplify your view. Add sheers that give you a sense of privacy. Add a comfy chair behind the curtain to enjoy the view while taking a time-out, listening to music, or reading a book. 

Install a Bubble Chair

You can lift your white bay window space with pink, gold, and mustard accents. You should consider adding a transparent hanging bubble chair. The transparency of the chair allows light to pass through and wrap around white drapes that blends into the white of the room. You can also use curtains over your bay window if you want some privacy.

Make Use of Negative Space

Negative space is useful for designing bay windows for situations where you need to add additional storage and extra seats. 

Do Not Make the Bay Window a Focal Point

In the scenario where you want the attention of people entering your room to be on something other than your bay window, use a grey sofa and grey curtain to cover it up. This way, your bay window is out of sight and not the immediate focal point. 

Create a Small Home Library

You can turn your bay window into a small home library. This area of your house can provide a lot of storage space.

Make your Dining Space Resemble an Outdoor Diner

Your bay window type can be instrumental in making your dining area look like an outdoor diner. If you have one of those floor-to-ceiling bay windows, you can make the dining space look almost like an outdoor one. 

Showcase a View

One of the different parts of your house where you can be sure your visitors will want to go to is a place where you can get a nice view. Your bay windows can take care of that for you with their beautiful views. They open up the space in several directions. 

Install Traditional and Built-in Desks

Traditional and built-in desks are one of the different ways of beautifying your bay window area. You can also use it to utilize the space around your bay windows. 

Create a Home Office

A bay window area can serve as a view for your home office. However, you will be needing some window treatment. This will help you to manage the glare on the monitor to the bare minimum.

Use Clean Lines and Angles

If you are gunning for a modern look for your bay window, use clean angles and lines. They are easier to work with in comparison to some traditional octagonal or round bay window types.

Leave Out the Window Treatments

Bay windows without a window treatment can push the space into the backyard. This can provide an outdoor feel for your space. 

Get a Sideboard

A sideboard is one of the ways that you can use bay windows for storage. This provides an excellent place for you to display your vases with fresh flowers. 

Create a Relaxing Bathing Nook

Bay windows can help to create cosy bathing nooks. Window treatment is necessary for the bathroom with this design.

Include Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring so much life, freshness, and colour to your space. Your bay window is a great spot to give the plant the sunlight it needs to grow and develop. The bay window can feature a special indoor plant spot where the plants reside when they need extra sunlight. 

Mustard with White Combo

Mustard and white is a great and complementary colour combination. This combination can be present in form of a curtain and pattern on a pillow. When you are in doubt about what to place near your bay window, a bench seat is a convenient idea. 

Create an Off-white Living Room Setting

This is a great idea for people that love the look of white colour but want their home to feel a bit warmer. You can keep your ceiling white and paint your walls off-white with the ottoman couch having a cream colour.

Add Gauzy Curtains

You can add a spacious bay window seat next to your bed to make available a place to read or relax while sipping your wine or coffee. Gauzy white curtains allow light to pass through while preserving and maintaining the privacy you need. A simple white upholstery creates a comfortable place to sit without looking busy. 

Hang a Hammock

Decorating your bay window with furniture makes it look more beautiful. The bay window can be the area in your space where you place a dedicated sun-soaked indoor hammock. The hammock is useful to nap irrespective of the season. 

Add a Contemporary Twist

Contemporary variations on bay windows create a spacious window seat for quiet reading and meditation and give you a great view of your outdoor space. This mimics the traditional shape of a bay window but panes in different sizes. It creates an interesting classic look. 

Create a Bathtub Nook

Put a claw-foot tub on hardwood floors beneath a large bay window together with a giant french chandelier. The bay window can have some white and semi-opaque half curtains for maintaining your privacy. Your bay window allows light to pour in and gives a view of the outdoor area from your room.

Banquette Seating

Large-scale bay windows provide a gorgeous view of neighbouring woods. It can include a built-in banquette upholstered in a piece of yellow fabric. You can repurpose a trunk as a coffee table to create an appealing space to gather. 

Add Transoms to the Bay Windows

A sunny breakfast area set in a bay helps you to take advantage of the view in your house. The windows can be topped with transoms that have the same traditional and paned pattern.

Arched Bay Windows

A dramatic and large arched bay window allows light to stream into the living room. It allows natural light into your space from outside. Window treatment can fit on your bay window to reduce the amount of sunlight streaming through your bay windows.

Add Bay Window Treatments

You can add subtle patterns and bold colours to your window treatment to complement the pattern in your space. You will not be overshadowing the architecture of your window. You can select the window treatment type you want for the beautification of your window area.

Bay Windows with Maximum Views

Simplicity is key to successfully setting up your bay window with maximum view. Rather than overwhelm your space with architectural objects, your bay window can be useful to maximize your view and keep everything around it to a minimum.

Cottage-Style Bay Window

A large bay window in the living room is capable of creating inviting home energy. A wide window framing directs the attention to the living area. Sheer curtains can be used to cover some area of the window. This provides privacy without gobbling up all the views.

Bay Window Trio

A trio of windows bumping out from the living room forms a bay that welcomes a satisfying scene with the help of beaming sunshine. The window adds architectural interest to your boxy space. 

Get a Sink Bay

Adding a small bump-out above the kitchen sink lends convenient storage and additional display space. Installing a trio of windows welcomes beaming sunlight into the kitchen area. The ledge provides a great place to display your plants.

Bay Window Alcove

A bay window with shapely cornices and wispy draperies creates a cosy alcove. You can add a crisp white sofa to it. The window comics add architectural interest without obstructing the view beyond the windows.

Add Simple Window Treatments

Clean-lined window treatments make sure all eyes are attracted to your bay window. Closing the linen shades controls the amount of light going through during the day. Their sheer fabric also ensures natural light can drench the space with vibrant energy. You can add stripes of colourful fabrics to present a modern appeal.

Bay For Your Bedroom

You can add another layer of architectural interest by putting a shallow bay window along one end of a bedroom. The ceiling line of the bay window can be left flat rather than pitched to make the sitting area feel more cosy and intimate. Heavy drapes can be added to include a subtle pattern and provide privacy. 

Bays and Bricks

Many people mix up bow windows and bay windows. Well, bays have three deep panels while bows have four or more shallow panels. The picture below is a bay window with its white frames that pleasantly contrasts the brick wall. The flower garden adds ethereal beauty. The pyramid hip roof elevates the styling of the home.

Kitchen Bay

A section of the kitchen can be set up as a cosy dining area. It can be a private area for the family since guests eat at the main dining table. The dining nook can be put next to the bay window. The enlarged dimensions of the bay window let in maximum sunshine and offer a soothing view of the outdoor area. 

Frontal Statements

Adding an elaborate door with a bay window on either side provides awe-inspiring visuals to anyone that is passing by. While the windows are shut, the door can help to create a miniature covered porch. You can use red stone steps to tie it all together. 

Coloured Columns

Where there is a row of identical houses, use a splash of colour to retain their identity. Each house on the street, like in the picture, can have bay windows with different colour hues. The window can have double-hung panels that open or shut by sliding up or down.

Brick and Stone

Using munchkins rather than big windows can help you cut costs. This is direct because of multiple smaller pieces that combine well instead of one large one. Lead can be used to separate the window panes. The house walls can be a mix of brick and basalt. A reddish-brown door can be added beside the bay window to give a welcoming appearance to house guests.

Two-Tone Trim

The trim on bay windows plays a role in the mood created by the windows. The bay window can be set in a wall of multicoloured quartzite. The windows can be framed in white and cased in grey concrete with a scalloped grey bay roof. This gives an attention-grabbing look.

Use Multitextured Monochrome

A rainbow palette is not always needed when playing with colours. Visual stimulation can be varied even when using a single base colour. This picture shows the tones in the wood panel floor that blends well with the frilly valence and sienna-coloured wall. In addition, the bay window covers most of the wall and the white horizontal shutters match the white baseboards.

Get Japanese Sliding Screens

The special flavour of japan can be brought home via a Japanese sliding screen to seal off the bay window’s projection. A table for tea can be laid out behind the screen where they can sip and watch the outdoor action. 

Curvy Lumber Bows

This is a hybrid window idea. It is deep enough to be under the bay window category but it has a rounded silhouette and six panels. Red wood trim can be added to hold the window in place. They also open up a dense bushy view.

Above and Below

This is an extravagant bay window idea where bay windows are installed on multiple floors of the house. All the windows are floor-to-ceiling and are set in a background of red brick. The bay roofs are also incorporated into the main roof. 

Try Staining Bays

Though having a glass door next to bay windows is redundant, the upper central panel of the bay windows can be laid with stained glass. All three panels run from floor to ceiling. This mimics the layout of the door. This idea is a clever use of neglected household corners.

Summing It Up

The content above describes and recommends bay window ideas you can implement for your space. These bay window ideas help to beautify your space whether it is a bedroom, living room, or any other space in your home. Get creative and develop your idea to beautify your home.

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