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How to shorten Vertical blinds

How to shorten Vertical blinds

Do you have a lengthy Vertical blind and want an easy way to cut it down?

Vertical blinds are a great addition that can make a big difference in how your home looks. But if you want a perfect finish, make sure your blinds are the right size. If your blinds are too long, they might bunch up at the bottom, which would ruin the look.

They are often used in large windows and sliding patio doors because they look really beautiful and aren't too expensive. The blinds are not only made to keep the sun and heat out of your home, but they also do a great job of keeping your view of the outside. This makes these elegant blinds very appealing. There's no doubt that these blinds are a great way to make a room feel comfortable and nice. When they're made the correct length, they can make windows and doors look amazing, giving the room more depth. 

If you ever decide to move your vertical blinds to a smaller window, having the expertise of how to shorten vertical blinds will come in very helpful for you. To make sure it works well and doesn't damage the fabric, you have to be very careful when setting it up and taking care of it.

The process of shortening vertical blinds to the desired length is not at all difficult. Vertical blinds, much like other kinds of blinds, can have their length trimmed to a more appropriate length in the comfort of one's own home. This blog attempts to provide in-depth information on the correct way of shortening vertical blinds.

Shortening Vertical Blinds to Desired Length

Getting vertical blinds shorter is not a hard thing to do. Vertical blinds can be cut down in a straight line easily at home, just like other types of blinds. You may need to know how to shorten vertical blinds if you bought a length that doesn't fit your window as well as you thought it would. Even if you want to move the blinds you already have to a different-sized window or make amends in an already installed position, it is still possible.

There are many ways of shortening vertical blinds, and the process can change depending on a number of factors. Follow these easy steps to cut vertical blinds down in length:

Step 1: Take all of the blind slats out of the track on the headrail. The clips on the tracks hold the slats in place. So, first, open the clips and then let each slat go one at a time.

Step 2: Take one slat out and mark it to the size you need. This slat will be used as a model for the rest. It only needs to be hung once to get the right measurement.

Step 3: Take a pair of scissors and cut straight along the line you just made. Mark the other slats with the cut slat, and do the same thing over and over until all the slats are the right size. If you want to use a hacksaw and a C-clamp, clamp all the slats together. Put a piece of wood between the clamp and the top slat. Use the hacksaw to cut all the slats.

Step 4: Attach each slat to the headrail track with a clip.

Step 5: Move the blinds to see how flexible they are and how well they work.

How far off the floor should vertical blinds be?

The length of the vertical blind should have an additional 3-5 centimetres added to it, according to a general rule of thumb. In other words, take the measurement from the floor up to an elevation of 3-5 centimetres above the moulding. If there is no moulding around the entrance, take the measurement from the floor to a point 3-5 centimetres above the top of the hole.

Can vertical blind slats be shortened?

You can easily cut different types of blinds from a hardware store or supermarket. Most vertical blinds are made of flexible textiles that may be unstitched, cut, and re-glued with a hot glue gun or sewn. 

Is there a tool to cut vertical head rails?

You need a power saw and a pair of tin snips if you really want to cut vane off your own blinds. Most of the time, the headrail is made of aluminium. You can use tin snips or a hacksaw to cut it. With a hacksaw, you can make clean, easy cuts.

Can you cut vertical blinds yourself?

Yes, they are the easiest to cut because sharp scissors can cut through them. If the blinds are already up, the first thing to do is figure out where you need to cut. Choose one slat to serve as a guide for the rest. Draw a mark where you need to cut the slat with a pencil or post-it note while it's still hanging. 

This will make sure it's the right length. If your vertical blinds aren't up yet, you'll need to figure out where the slats will go once they are. Cutting vertical blinds with sharp scissors and glueing them back together at the length you want is an easy way to make them shorter.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you may need to cut the length of the slats on your vertical blinds. You might have a new window or a new windowsill on the inside. Even if you want to keep using a vertical blind you already have, you will need to trim the length of the blind slats.

We hope this guide has helped you see how easy it is to trim your vertical blinds. You don't always have to sew or glue anything, and you can shorten your blind slats to any length you want in just a few minutes by using the steps discussed in this blog. 

A Vertical blind can improve the appearance of your room if it has the right accessories and is installed properly. Feel free to contact the team at Blindstyle for assistance with your Vertical blinds if you have any questions or run into any problems.

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