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How to remove Vertical blinds

How to remove Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are the preferred choice in many households. And why shouldn’t they be? These blinds are really efficient at living up to their features. They protect you from the heat, preserve your privacy from prying eyes, as well as add to the interior decor. From simple plain vertical blinds to pattered vertical blinds, you can depend on each one. 

But irrespective of their type, they do need a bit of care from you to offer their maximum usage. This includes cleaning them from time to time to avoid accumulating dirt. Replacing your ageing vertical blinds with new blinds can be a task if not done right. Whatever the reason, there will be several instances when you have to take them down. And knowing the basic tricks on how to remove your vertical blind can be a big saviour. 

The process is fairly simple and being an expert is not a necessity. But a proper technique can make the entire experience quick, seamless, and hassle-free. You can also avert any potential damage to your blinds or the wall. Even avoid causing harm to yourself. So, if you have plans to remove vertical blinds, here’s a detailed guide that may prove beneficial. And don't worry, there are not many tools needed to execute this.

How to remove vertical blinds

The steps to remove vertical blinds can be categorised into two broad subsections. The first segment of the task involves removing the slats. It is crucial as it helps you to clean every edge and get rid of any stubborn stains or dirt. The next part of the process requires you to take down the hardware. And by that, we are referring to the bead chain and the cord. This move is recommended if your blinds require servicing or if you want to replace the hardware.

However, it is important that you keep every single piece of the blind secure throughout. This is because if they get misplaced or damaged, it may give you unnecessary trouble during the reassembling later on. 

Things To Bear In Mind Before You Start Taking Blinds Down

Whether you have a blackout vertical blind or a textured vertical blind, they all require equal treatment when it comes to removing them. But, there are certain scenarios you need to consider before getting started. 

Position of the windows

Not all windows sit comfortably within arm’s reach. So, if yours is at enough height above you, you can take the help of a stepladder to reach your window blinds. Just make sure you pick a sturdy and secure one to ensure your safety. 

Decor around the blinds

Windowsills that are beautifully garnished undoubtedly beautify your space. But if they somehow interfere with your operation, you need to remove them first. It is also important that you figure out the space where you would keep the blinds post-removal. This helps reduce the possibility of them getting damaged while being moved around. 

Width of the blinds

Vertical blinds are usually lightweight. This makes removing them quite easy even for a single person. However, it is best to call in for a helping hand if the ones at your home have a width of more than 2 metres. You can then be certain to enjoy the smooth experience that we were talking about earlier. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Vertical Blinds

There are several reasons behind the popularity of vertical blinds. And the list definitely includes their durability. These blinds are worth every penny. Not only are they resistant to easy wear and tear but they can also survive tough conditions. For e.g., waterproof vertical blinds can serve you happily even in heavily damp spaces. So, if you get the fundamental strategies right, removing vertical blinds without damage won't be much of a concern.

Here’s a detailed how-to for you. 

Gather your equipment

The steps to remove vertical blinds are easy. And choosing the right tools can further simplify your efforts. The most useful items include:

  • Manual Screwdriver/ Electric screwdriver
  • Credit card
  • Putty Knife
  • Cement/ Joint compound
  • Needle-nose pliers (in case of wall anchors)

Remove every single slat

If you want to take the entire structure down, you need to start by removing every individual slat. 

  • Many vertical blinds come with an ornamented border covering the upper rail. It is called valance and must be dealt with at the beginning. Hold its base and push it in the upward direction. This will create a small space between the valance and the clips that are supporting the individual slats. Continue pressing until it becomes free of the fasteners. You need to be very kind and patient throughout to prevent the clips from breaking. 
  • Once you are done with the previous step, you need to rotate the blinds to a half-open position. Ensuring that they do not overlap one another is necessary. To make your task even simpler, we would recommend keeping the slats open at an angular setting rather than moving them entirely to the sides. 
  • The slats are secured with a slat carrier. You need to spot the one at the apex of the slat. Take the help of the hook shape at the outward-facing side of the slat carrier. This will make things easy for you. 
  • After that, take a thin card and place it under the base of the slat carrier beneath the hook. Move it upwards to squeeze it inside the space between the slat and the carrier. By doing this, you will be able to weaken the grip that so far anchored the slats in their positions. And also keep the card intact.
  • When the card has done its job, it is time for you to pull the slats mildly. Once the slat is detached from the carrier, you can take out the card. Make sure you let the slats rest in a clean space so that they remain in good shape. 

Remove the hardware

In an inside mount, chances are the headrail is screwed with the window frame. You just have to unfasten the screws and the headrail in this case. But if yours come with hidden brackets, some modifications are necessary. Here’s what you can do. 

  • Remove the safety clip on either side of  your blind chain.
  • Detect the brackets behind the blind rail. Then take the screwdriver and insert it inside every bracket clip. Continue turning until you are able to release the springs. 
  • While handling the springs, support the blind rail tightly. After that, pull it out carefully from the brackets. Ideally, this should not cause much trouble if you have managed to release the springs appropriately. But if you are facing problems, please double-check. 
  • If you have no plans to replace the blinds, you must seal the gaps after removing the brackets. For that, use the screwdriver to open the screws holding the brackets. If the screws are proving to be too stubborn, consider using an electric screwdriver. Then conceal the holes with plaster or joint compound as per your preference. Use a putty knife for the best results. Apply paint once the material dries. 

Quick Tip: Check whether the old and the new brackets match if exchanging the blinds is the only thing on your mind. And if they do, you may keep the old ones and save your time and energy. 

Final Thoughts

Vertical blinds are a great window blind option. They are elegant looking and blend with both traditional and contemporary styles. Easy usability makes all the difference. Removing them also doesn't require hiring a professional; it can be easily done at home. All you have to do is stick to the step-by-step guide that we just shared with you. Don't forget to be careful at every step and gently execute the removal process. However, if you still have some doubts in mind, Youtube contains plenty of visual guides. 

And if you are planning to buy a new set of quality vertical blinds before removing the old ones, Blindstyle is ready to serve you. Our collection won’t disappoint.

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