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Picking the best blinds for big windows

Picking the best blinds for big windows

Are you staring at your curtains all the time? Have you considered getting blinds for those big windows?

Let’s give your home an aesthetic feel with blinds adding character and utility to your room. A makeover is always on the cards, bringing in fresh vibes. I think we all can agree that large windows are a charming aspect of home design. But it is also a fact that the sun's glare coming through them can make life difficult as well.

Large, open windows are great because they let light and warmth into your house. These pockets are a treasure because they provide stunning vistas merging the outdoors with the indoors. Both of us will have a lot of fun decorating these windows in your style.

The best blinds for big windows come in various shapes and sizes. This gives you a plethora of options to choose from. If you want to explore more blinds for big windows ideas, then read further. Let's expand your collection of references and get you started right away.

What are the best blind options for big windows?

With the help of blinds like Venetian blinds, you can control the lighting in a room. You can opt for direct morning sunlight or complete darkness after a night’s shift. They are therefore a great solution for offices, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Blinds can be useful in the summer for preventing heat and sun rays from coming in via those large windows. This can help you keep your room cooler. Blinds also prevent fading on surfaces such as carpets, furniture, and household items.

One of the many benefits of blinds like faux wood blinds or Venetian blinds is how simple it is to maintain them. It only requires the occasional dusting or wiping with a moist cloth to keep them good as new. Unlike curtains that need to be rehung as well as washed or dry cleaned repeatedly.

Blinds like vertical blinds are especially helpful for houses with allergy sufferers. Dust and grime can be cleaned with ease to reduce allergens that cause symptoms. They could be a good option if you need a quick fix for your window coverings. A skilled installer can often mount a blind, attach the parts, and insert brackets into a window frame in a matter of hours.

There could also be a possibility that you prefer the look of curtains but want the advantages of window blinds. Don't be hesitant to combine the two window coverings when looking for blinds for large windows. It provides control over privacy and light levels and even expands your custom design options. If you're considering shopping for this hybrid design, let's help you decide on the type of blind first. Don't forget, your perfect option should be stylish, modern, practical, and affordable. No matter what, make sure to go for an option that allows you flexibility in all aspects. Let's begin.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds look fascinating, giving options for a sliding glass door and a large window. These blinds are crafted with durable lightweight materials with unique styles. The tilt-able slats give you premium light control, allowing better privacy.

You’ll get the benefits of a full view when your vertical blinds for big windows are open by stacking them on the left or right. A decorative valance or wood cornice can be used to provide depth and detail to the overall design. Some of the benefits of vertical blinds include flexibility, better fabrics, and quality.

They are very simple to install. PVC or vinyl vanes (slats) are moisture resistant. These can withstand repeated exposure to sunshine and UV rays. Although they are not advised for moist situations, fabric vertical blinds are another option for a more upscale appearance.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds for big windows appear neat and sophisticated, making them ideal for homes and offices. They completely enclose the window, preventing sunlight from entering through the window corners. It ends up being a cheap and effective way to cover the windows. They get folded elegantly and automatically locked in one position being the ultimate modern blinds for big windows.

Trendy and stylish, they can give an area a new lease on life by incorporating fresh colours and textures. You can choose them in complementary hues with contrasting tones. They make the space appear brighter and more attractive.

Enjoy your privacy and let the light show your world bright. Roller Blinds not only perform well, but they also have excellent aesthetic appeal. You’ll have a variety of colours, patterns, and designs, greatly enhancing the look of the area. They may represent the ideal synthesis of form and function.

Venetian Blinds

Simple window venetian blinds add slick refinement to every space. They complete your house with modest distinction and a brand-new appearance. They are ready for quick and simple installation with the included mounting brackets. With a huge range available you can easily call them the best blinds for large or even extra-large windows. Pick them over those bulky blinds in a heartbeat for your window dressings in interior spaces. 

You may tilt or raise the slats of these blinds using a child-safe chain control to let in the ideal amount of light. They add character to your room by giving out the elements of luxury in every sense. When chosen in the right material and complimenting outlook, it can add a wow factor to any room.


These are our top picks for window treatment design for large windows. No matter what you have in mind for your home, you should take into account a lot more factors. The other parameters include the shapes and sizes of your windows, how you use the rooms, and how much light you want to let in or block out.

Large windows, such as those seen in patio doors or conservatories, are a beautiful feature. But they may be difficult to dress for. By concentrating on the best ways to get natural light to open up your home, wide windows may be used to their full potential.

But there's no reason you shouldn't be creative with the design of your window treatments and coverings. It could be through colour contrast, or playing with textures and layering. It could also be choosing full-sized blinds that offer immediate coverage. Just be bold and let your personality reflect onto your big beautiful windows and add your favourite ones to your shopping basket.

We hope you got an idea about which wide window blinds to opt for larger windows. To get free samples sent to your doorstep, take a sneak into the whole world of blind options at Blindstyle.

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