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How to remove Venetian blinds

How to remove Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a kind of window blinds that use horizontal slats to provide coverage to a window. These slats can be moved in their place using cords attached to them. The cords lower, tilt and raise the slats.  

From time to time, all window treatments require deep cleaning. Even if one needs to change the blind style, you will need to remove your Venetian blinds entirely. Different kinds of styles require different methods of removal. 

In this blog post, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to remove Venetian blinds. We will walk you through everything you need to know about the process, and every critical step you need to take care of. Let’s dig straight in. 

How to remove venetian blinds?

A very near variant of Venetian blinds is vertical blinds. And the discussion on Venetian blinds will be incomplete without talking about vertical blinds. The only difference is the placement of slats being vertical instead of horizontal. This might bring some changes in the kinds of movement allowed by the cords and the amount of coverage offered by the two options. 

You might need to remove your venetian blinds for several reasons- either to clean the blinds, to replace elements where needed, to replace the blinds with new ones, or to get rid of your window treatment altogether. 

To perform this task you may either hire a professional or choose to do it yourself. Hiring a professional might seem like an unnecessary expenditure after we tell you how easy it is to remove the blinds without any professional help. 

To remove venetian blinds successfully, you need to be very patient and careful. You might not require many tools to achieve the task, but you do require a soft hand and coordinated movements. 

As far as the tools are concerned, all you would need is a flat head screwdriver and a drill. A flathead screwdriver to free the blinds from the blind brackets, and a drill to open brackets and take them off the window frame. In the case of spring-loaded brackets, you might not even need a screwdriver since they enable easy removal of blinds from the brackets. 

Considerations to bear in mind before you start taking the window blinds down

There are many things that are needed to be kept in mind and thought about before you start taking the blinds down:

1. Why are you removing the blinds?

Be very clear about your reason behind the removal of the blinds. Not because there is no reverse switch to this but to determine how you maintain the blinds once they are off. If you are taking them out to discard them and replace them with new ones, then you won’t have to worry about their storage while they are not on the wall. 

If you are taking them out to clean them, then you might need to consider safer ways of cleaning them and also of storing them once they are out.

2. What next?

Plan the next steps after removing blinds beforehand. When the blinds come out, you would need to immediately ensure safer storage for them if you plan to reuse the same blinds. In that case, if you already have an idea about your following steps after the removal, then there are higher chances of you being able to protect them from any kind of damage. 

Even though these are simple steps, you might also want to be mindful of the kind of tools you have. If needed, talk to a professional before you start the process yourself. The more you know, the lesser the chances of an error. 


The process of removing Venetian blinds is very easy and simple. All you need is a few simple tools, and also awareness of the kind of brackets that are fitted into your blinds. The brackets might be standard or might involve spring in their mechanism. In both of these cases, you will require different methods of removal of blinds. Let’s start by understanding how to remove Venetian blinds with standard brackets:

  1. Removing Venetian blinds with standard brackets
    1. Start by raising the blinds all the way up.
    2. Remove the child safety clip from either side of the blind using a screwdriver and remove the brackets from both sides. The procedure to do this is very simple with the same motion on both sides. You just have to insert your flathead screwdriver between the clamp and the blind to wedge the tip, and the clamp will come off.
    3. Now that the brackets are in an open position, it is time to slide the blinds out. Gently hold the blinds then pull them towards you. This will open the bracket further. After this, carefully slide the blinds out, towards you.
    4. Now you need to remove the brackets. They are attached to windows using screws, so any drill would do the job of removing the fixtures. Make sure you use a hand to hold the bracket so that it doesn’t fall and get damaged once the screws are undone.
    5. Just like that, you would have removed your standard bracketed Venetian blinds. 
  2. Removing Venetian blinds with spring-based brackets
    1. Again, the process here starts with opening the blinds all the way. Pull the drawstring as far as you can, without breaking it.
    2. Hold the blind up and try to locate the spring brackets. You will find them sandwiched somewhere between the frame and the blind. They are small metal squares. 
    3. You won’t need a screwdriver to free the blinds from the brackets in this case. Gently lift the blind up with both your hands, then gently push them towards the window, and rotate the upper part towards you. You will hear a click when the bracket releases the blinds.
    4. Gently pull the blind off the window once it has been released from the brackets.
    5. Again, use a drill to remove the bracket fixtures from the window frame, and that’s it! You'll have your spring-based Venetian blinds removed in no time. 

As you can see, there are many differences between the methods to remove the blinds with different style brackets. Regardless, both of these ways are very simple and straightforward and you can easily remove the blinds without any fuss.

Final thoughts 

One advantage of Venetian blinds is the ease of maintenance that they offer. To keep your blinds clean, all you have to do is come back to them from time to time to remove and clean them. 

Having said that, removing Venetian blinds is also no child’s play. There are some aspects that need to be critically taken care of to avoid damaging the slats. If you choose to remove your Venetian blind slats without the help of a professional, it is important that you take the utmost care to avoid unnecessary expenses. 

But, is Venetian blind slat removal something that can’t be done alone? No, you can very easily change your blind slats by yourself. A little bit of care and it will all be fine!

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